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Tip of White Pine

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I like this shot lj!


Than you, Ank and Morris! Glad you stopped by.


Very nice! Pine are really nice in the winter time!


Very nice


I not only like the close-up objects, I also love the mottled backgrounds these shots produce. Thank you for your comments doglovertoo, Celeste, snooker and tex. This white pine is in my yard and I grew it from a little sprout. It now stands about 10 feet high. They are fast growers, and you're right, DLT, they don't make the best Christmas trees. During the drought this past summer, people in my town didn't water their white pines and they died. Every time I go past and see the dead trees it makes me sad..and mad...because it could have avoided it! All they had to do was water them, even once a week. I watered mine several times a week and it's doing very well. I love pine trees of any kind. I have an assortment on my property, all small, except for this white pine, which has grown in leaps and bounds.


Very nice, can almost smell it! Thanks, LJ.

Pretty set today, lj. Your close ups are great.


wow nice close up! :) love it


My late husband loved white pines, would cut one down every year (from his property up north) for our Christmas tree. Actually they don't make very pretty Christmas trees.


Nice set today Laura!