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Cool Pool

49 pieces
383 solves
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It is strange, and I would never have predicted that it would be this one... I wonder if it's because it was the kind of puzzle people expect me to post in 3 sizes, and when I didn't, they decided to solve this. Then again, the medium and large I posted today are doing well, too... Beats me! :-)))
Thanks, so much, lela and Katie!


Pat, I'd say the time creating this one has paid off!


It's so strange how one (puzzle) can really take off!.....


Yes, I watched it shortly after I posted it--the others were in the 30-40 solves, and it was pushing 100! Thanks, Wendy!


Too funny, Pat! It would appear that a few other people like the final result as well. ;-)


Thanks, Wendy and chilisand! This one took forever to color square by square, and I had no idea how it would look when I started, but I do like the final result! :-)))


Holy Cow! Pat, you must have had so much fun yesterday creating the puzzles for today! I'm having fun just checking them all out. :-)


300? That will be wonderful fun. Thank you!


Lela, you're a cool dude even without the shades--so try to be more careful, and less fashionable, the next time.......

Ooooh, I've always wanted to go on a cruise (my cousin, who is 80, and her husband, 84, are about to embark on their umpteenth one this weekend, and were just telling us all about it on Sunday...), but my husband thinks they're boring... I'd be reading a book a day too, which is what I did before Jigidi--how can that be boring?! Plus there's the water, and the scenery, and the food...Have a great time, Mary!


Oh, my! I surely dove right in and stayed under for a long time! 7:47 No matter, good practice for my cruise we leave for Saturday morning. Lots of sun and swimming and great food, but alas, no Jigidi. I'll probably read a book a day, I usually do! Thanks, Pat!


Well, I thought as it's a cool pool I should wear my cool shades.....


Yes, I can post it in the 300's--I just checked! I'll post it tomorrow for you; JD.

Do you always dive into pools wearing sunglasses, lela? I thought only movie stars wore sunglasses (and jewelry and hats and makeup) in the water...


(I had my sunglasses on, that's why I didn't notice the lack of water)......
DOOMED, indeed........PIFFLE!.....


Wow. If it's possible to make a 300+ puzzle like this, I would love to solve it.


Oh, my--where to start?!!! To those of you who liked this, a big thanks! To those of you (and you know who you are) who got hurt (again!) on one of my puzzles, you really are a disaster waiting to happen, you know! To those of you who are making false prophecies--NO! HE'S NOT!!!


Oh, Pat. You've had quite job creating this one. The design was so tempting that I just had to "dive in!" (Literally that is, I saw that the water was missing).
It was so fun to solve,


HAHAHAHAHA!............The big-eared one is DOOMED!......


Pat, I love this one! Here's an asymmetrical that I didn't have trouble doing. Lela, didn't you notice the lack of shimmer?


I only wish I'd been told there was no water......before my unfortunate accident.....


Lovely puzzle, Pat, I enjoyed the variety and the bold colours.


Thanks so much, Ardy--I used a grid I had drawn for the last grid puzzle, and totally recolored it. At first I was going to leave the sections as just solid colors, but then I decided to take a color from the section next to it and make a few squares of that, to give it more interest. I'm glad you like it!


Got slowed down here but what a neat puzzle! Love it. Thanks, Pat. Really been enjoying these today.