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Oh, to be in Marquette MI

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Marquette MI, US National Weather Service photo, from their facebook page


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Oh, no, Jacque. Beautiful weather! Some of us like it. Really.


terrible weather!


Thanks, Texasstar, SO would I! ; )


Glad you liked it, PLG.

FYI, any photo from a federal agency is considered to belong to the public. I still prefer to use a link though and give credit where credit is due.

One of my husband's photos, taken in MI's Bay Co., was used by a farm magazine for a cover photo, a few years back. It was a pleasant recognition of his work, but of course they didn't know who the photographer was ... but he wrote and thanked them, so then they knew which USDA employee had been the photographer.


Wow, I'd love to be there right now! Thanks, RH!


Yes, they get a lot of snow up there, being right on the big lake! Fun puzzle! Thanks, RH!


Doglovertoo, I am in Calhoun County and for a while this am the snow was split so that it was north and south of us, we were in a small band of a snow-free area. The weather map showed something like a "V" which was narrower, but it kept us out of any snow for a while. The "V" was pointed to the east, with wider part excluding us. I'd guess the snow pattern had reached your area after that.


Oh, my! You must be up north - I'm in Oakland County, and it just started snowing here around 10:00 AM.


And the Weather Service posted this with the photo:

Incredible snowfall rates of 2"+ per hour at the NWS office. 4.0" measured over the past 2 hours and still coming down hard. Over a foot of snow since 8am. This picture was taken around 9:15pm EST. [on 1/30/13]


Thanks goes to the US National Weather Service for the picture, Gnt. ; )


That is what it is doing in Michigan now LOL good pic