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Iona Abbey, Scotland. Photo by David Dixon

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Hi Faye, there are places in this world that give off an atmosphere especially when there has been a lot of occurances, good or bad.
I don't know if you've ever been to Lindisfarne (Holy Island), Northumberland, it has a similar history to Iona. The Abbey is not as complete as Iona but it's still has that serenity. I found it a peaceful place...Sue


We have a friend who visits as often as possible (and is a member of The Friends of Iona...think that's the title) and knows it as a very "thin" would feel its sacredness, Sue. I enjoyed the ferns growing in the niches of the stonework and the small birds flying through. The altar is also quite beautiful. We would stay at least 3-4 days next time. :)))


I suspect it could be daunting especially in bad weather Denise. Thanks...Sue


From what I am hearing, it does have a lot of history. A daunting place. Thanks sue.


...also raided by the Vikings so Iona has had a lot going on in the past. Isn't John Smith buried here as well? Hubby and I love looking at places like this especially for the history. Sounds a wonderful place. Thanks June and Joyce...Sue


not on your life, hope I didn't give that impression. People come from all over the world to visit this Abbey, it was here that St Columba set out to christianize Scotland, though he didn't have an Abbey as we would know it


Great picture/puzzle!!! I would enjoy visiting here!! Thanks Sue!! :)))
(time, 3:35) this is now a hotel?


I see the scaffolding has gone at long last. Many kings of Scotland are buried on Iona. Princess Diana's mother lived here. We were only there for a long weekend but it was wonderful, cars have to be left on the Isle of Mull. The landlady said to just leave our luggage on the street while we went to get the key, where else could you do that?