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267 solves
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Suzanne, my hand is better than it was. At least I can do some creating. I'm thrilled to be back and thrilled to be able to create, and thrilled to see you. :-)


Hi Wendy, I'm so thrilled that your back! But take it low and slow, please. You don't want to undo all the rest you've given your hands. Are they feeling any better after your break?
Great to hear from you : )


Hi, Cadence! I finally broke down and created a few. I couldn't stand it any longer. So I'm going to post a few today....and maybe I'll create one or two a day. I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

I'm so glad that you missed them though. ;-)


Great puzzle, thanks so much for posting it in this smaller size. I really enjoyed it. 1:00


Oh, I feel so bad that your hands are hurting you! But I know sooo how you feel. We've been on vacation, and just being away from the computer for several days has been such a relief. I'm hoping that after a little break you can return to creating those amazing puzzles of yours. I really miss them! (Do you use a wrist brace? And sleep with it on as well? It can be a huge help.)


Hi, Suzanne! I've missed your puzzles too. I love looking at them.

My hand got too painful to create puzzles, so I've been giving it a break....but I am dying to create more puzzles. The problem is that it's not getting better. Well, today it does feel very slightly better...but not good enough to create anything.


This is lovely, Cadence - I love all the different colour shades, and the way you've arranged the squares so that they were not central - it made for a very interesting puzzle. Thanks.


Wendy! How are you?!?! I've missed our conversations--and your puzzles!!! I saw a couple of lovely ones a couple weeks ago but then there's been a gap. I miss your great patterns and color combinations. Are you taking a little break???


Awww. Big blush! Thanks Suzanne. :)))


Cadence, your squares are wonderful! I love the additional touch of the little squares at the bottom of the biggest squares (the slightly darker ones).


I'm so happy you like the design, JiggyBell : ) You had a great time, too! Nice job!!!


Thanks, Kristen! I'm glad you found time to do the puzzle : ) 57 seconds--excellent!!! And yes, I was shocked at the 200 solves. Must be all the perfect number of pieces--thanks for inspiring the itty-bitty size. I know what you're saying about loving the large sizes--I really enjoy those 400-piece ones every now and then but finding the "petite" ones can be just as fun.

And I love your fractals. I've done many of them and the colors and patterns are just gorgeous! Keep up the great work!!!

Oh, and call me Suzanne : )


I love the shine on the colors. It is a very funny design! What a nice thing to make for Kirsten! I enjoyed solving it very much!


So beautiful, Cadence. Your colours, and gradients are divine. Thank you so much again, for making it, and posting it in an itty bitty size for me. I really appreciate it. :))))

Oh, and call me Kirsten. :)


Awww - that's so sweet of you Cadence. Thank you so much. And look - you got over 200 solves! It was totally worth it!!

And you know, I used to be a large puzzle lover. But now I'm a puzzle maker too (and a full time worker), I just don't have time for the large ones anymore. Dammitall.

And even though I don't have time to solve, I have you in my favourites, because your stuff is so beautiful to look at. Thanks for your lovely work. :)))) And now I'm going to solve it. Yippee! See you on the other side. LOL


Itty-bitty version for RandomWorship--if you can find the time : )