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Thread count embroidery - Delft tiles 3 of 4

25 pieces
60 solves
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This was supposed to be a bell pull. The designer who was redoing the bedroom suggested doing it horizontally to hang above the bed. Since each tile was square that was no problem. When it was completed she mounted it on velvet and hung it between two white decorative poles over the headboard


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Liane, I just discovered you had been here. Thank you for enjoying my work. My vision isn't good enough for this fine weave any more. But I loved dong it when I could. Now I do jigsaw puzzles like yours.


Very pretty Ardy .Cross stitch used to be one of my hobby till had I had eye problem .


June, how delightful to see you here. I know how addicting this could be. By now it's the eyes rather than the nerves than keep me from it -- and on Jigidi. LOL Thanks for coming by.


I used to love doing cross-stich before my nerves got the better of me lol, counting all day, the last one I did was a Noah's Ark for my friends new baby then I found jigidi


Thanks Ank. I'm glad you like it.


Very nice Ardy. Love this image. Thanks.


Hanne, Just got through playing with frost and glaciers at your place. You are very welcome. Thanks for visiting me.


Oh, Pat. Always nice to see you. Glad you enjoyed the puzzle. You and Kirsten and Barb are lighting up the board so nicely. Thanks.


Cheetahsgirl, it can be as addicting as Jigidi. Looks to me like the right number of s's! Thanks for coming by and letting me know.


Thanks, Kirsten. Without you there would be no frames and the pictures wouldn't be as bright. I do try out your suggestions. This one is a keeper for sure. Thanks for the hugs. Here's a couple chilled ones for you ((Brhugs) Not frozen, just chilled. :-))


Thanks, Barb. Pieces where the design is not dense are trickier to work. It's so much easier to miscount. Glad you enjoyed it.


They are very charming and lovely, Ardy!! Thanks so very much!!


These are so pretty ... love them...Hugs

Very pretty, I enjoy working counted crossstitch too. Oh my, is that too many s's?


WOW Ardy! The work in that looks amazing! ((HUGS))

(and nice framing and big puzzle pieces!!)


This is lovely, Ardy! One can really see the detail of the stitches in the solved puzzle. A lot of work but well worth it. :-)