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Hugs back at you, Ellen. You have always been a good friend. Donna


Cigarman's last line is brilliant, and I completely agree with it.

OAA, you're right that this site has so much to offer, not the least of which is friendship. Please accept a hug from me, and many others. Ellen


Eloise and Yolanda, I got through the worst part of my grief with the help of so many of my jigidi friends. I knew they were here for me and praying, crying, and hugging me. I could not have asked for more caring and loving soul sisters. I knew they understood and let me grieve. They are still here for me and I am for them. I have met so many more since then. I have my hubby who is my best friend. We have been through a lot in the 47 years of marriage. And our daughter lives with us. She has been through all this with us. Most of all I have my God who I rely on every day. I constantly had to remind myself that He is in control and comforts us. It gets less painful, but grief does tend to rear its ugly head when it wants to. Irisriver reminds me that tears are God's way of healing, so I cry when need be.

I do want to let y'all know that jigidi has so many wonderful caring people. We are all here for each other. Many have found this to combat loneliness, depression, illness, etc. Everybody has a story and most on here listen and help when they can. No matter what time of day, someone is always on. You don't have to be lonely anymore. I do feel that God brought me on this site to find other people who need be here for each other. This journey called life is not always easy. But if taken with others, it lightens the load.

I talk about my son. He was an artist. We have all his art work and his pottery. I don't know why God took him but I do know I will see him again one day. He is now in heaven with all of his grandparents, a number of aunts, his 2 dogs, cousins and is probably playing heavenly music and painting rainbows. Thank you for your support. Just know that I am here if and when you need to chat. Hugs, Donna in North Carolina, USA


I suffer from depression and take meds to help and they do, but Bob Dylan sang.....And the only think I knew how to do is to just keep on keeping on. those words help me as well as the author Spider Robertson in his Challahan saloon stories..... shared pain is halved, shared joy is doubled.

@oldandancient I just want to add my condolences to the other comments. I am so very sorry to hear that you lost your son. Your heart must be broken. I hope you have support and love around you. From Yolanda in Australia.

Oldandancient, I hope you have friends to listen and support you through your grief and recovery. Be kind to yourself, let others in to help you and celebrate the time you shared with your delightful son. xx


Thank you Eloise62. How could I not give him all I had? He was my sunshine. He was such a happy baby and so much fun. He was the comedian of the family. I truly think he suffered from PTSD. He was in an accident when he was 17. His friend was driving them home from school when they hit a truck pulling a house trailer. It pulled out in front of them. The airbags came out and they were ok, but shortly after that he changed. He was always telling us to slow down when we drove as well. It wasn't until he was in his 30's when I happened to think of when he changed and what was going on in his life at that time. He was going to mental health specialists for years as well. He also had other health problems.

I have found that spending time, listening, praying and talking with friends who are struggling can often help them to see how to take the next step forward. But we must slow our lives, give our friends unhurried time, be comfortable with silence and listen with an open ear before speaking.

@oldandancient, I am devastated to hear of your loss. You are amazing to have been such a caring parent. Listening, caring and time are some of the greatest gifts one can give their child.


I so agree. My son suffered from depression and anxiety for 20 years. He passed away in 2016 at the age of 37. How many sleepless nights I had sitting up and listening to him. He battled a lot of demons in his life.

I love this statement. It is true honest and brave as well as helpful. Thanks very much for sharing. Cheers Yolanda


Sharing the load/pain/worry with a friend makes the load lighter.

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