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Exotic Flowers! (medium)

81 pieces
160 solves
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Kirsten - We are all wishing for flowers up here in the northern part of the world. I may just have to keep posting them until Mother Nature gets the hint!! Thank you so much, my friend. I always appreciate your cheerful and sweet attitude!! :D))


ANOTHER moment of us posting same subjects Jan! I did flowers too on Friday. Cue that "Twilight Zone" music! LOL This is flat out gorgeous!! I adore the edge on your colours. They aren't always typically "pretty", but they ARE vibrant and beautiful. Thanks so much for this one. :)))


Mariasha - Aw shucks! You have me smiling! They are fun to make - - and even more fun to hear that you enjoy them! :D))

The colors are absolutely spectacular! Thanks for another fabulous puzzle Jan...I really appreciate all the time it takes you to make these lovelies for our enjoyment!


Hester - You made me smile - even more than normally! Thanks so much, my friend! :D))


I like this puzzle so much I had to have a go at the larger size . And guess what?
It's twice as much fun!! Thanks for these Jan! :-DD


Thanks so much Ardy and Barb! I did come back with a bit of a challenge. But it has been begging me for its chance in the limelight, so I just had to post it!


Good to have you back with another challenging puzzle, Jan! My faves would be the top left and bottom left. Lots of lovelies to choose from today. :-)


Very exotic and wonderful, Jan. I'm in 4th pace right now but will soon tumble on off. never fear. It's an easy landing. White I like all of these I think my favorites would be the middle left and middle right. Great to have your puzzles today. Thank you.