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Riverwalk Bridge San Antonio Texas

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glad to revive old memories


Was here's so great to be back here again today; thanks Noggin.


Hi dblay and Joyce glad you liked it. Well that's another great thing about Jim, he will outstay the last reveller or get up at 4 am as he likes to have the street all to himself. Been looking for a photographer like that for ages


A close friend wanted to fly down to see her son & grandchildren but was afraid of flying. I told her that it's really nothing and I would go with her if she would feel better about it. So off we went to visit and sight see & just have fun. I really loved going here, but am surprised by this pic of no people!! This is an extremely busy place. :)))


Wow!!! What a beautiful place.


what are we waiting for, hats on and we're off. Lucky you to go to such a lovely place


This is a great place to walk. Lots of restaurants to pick from along the walk, live music & fun people watching. There are boats to get rides on too. Thanks for the memories June!! :))))
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