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Train trip - Chicago to California - Sept. 2012

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Lots of color in this one. Great photos, Sandy.


Thank you Ank, Robbie, Patti, Hanne (red rock Hanne), Suzy, smllpkg, ladywil (this one went from Chicago to Sacramento and it was 49 hrs. Not sure about the one to Los Angeles ladywil), cinderfire, Shirey, robyn and Dave (I'd have to have a pretty good arm Dave!).


Did you throw a pennie in for good luck??


That's a nice spot - I'd like a swim there!! Good set today Sandy - thanks!!


I love seeing rivers or creeks in a country picture, brings a peaceful feel to them, Thanks, Sandy, lovely set.


You sure had some terrific views on that ride.


It must have been a very nice trip. How long is it to go by train from Chicago to Los Angeles???


Lovely! But I think it's a different kind of beauty when you fly. I love the window seat and looking down on the patchwork of fields and roads below or just looking out at the cloud formations. They have their own beauty, just different from this.


I agree with Robbie. The red rock is terrific!


I wonder if the rock is just red or if it is some vegetation!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Ooooh, I love the set! Thanks Sandy!


You could have fished chickie! I like the red rock face, thanks!


Yes of course it's pity that you can't stop. But I think this is the best way to travel. You can see so much, it's much better as a car or plane. And this trip is world famous because of his beauty and good service in the train. Thanks for the wonderful set again Sandy. Yesterday I had no solving time, so I just solved six.:-)))


Thank you Jim, laura (would have been fun), Beekay (I did see elk on a northern route) and bradjan.


AW look what you miss when you fly, simply beautiful.


Yes, what Laura said. That would be my one complaint...not being able to stop and explore some of the fantastic sites you pass. I expect to see an elk or deer along the riverbank Chickie ;-))


Too bad you didn't get to stop for a while along this nice river.


Loved your set today, Sandy!