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fishing lures!

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Thanks, Janine. I don't get squirrels here but, as you say, the animals give back far more than we give them. Take care!! :-))

P.S. I forgot to add ..... outside the screened porch, I feed the birds and the squirrels too.
I did the same in NY State. I seem to get gratification from helping the animals.
They give me many smiles in return.

Thank you John. I enjoy the chats. My neighbor has an African Grey.
I baby sat a few times when she had to be away. I have a screened
porch, (Florida) and the Grey just loved it. We always whistled together.

I suppose life does change a bit in the "golden years". I used to be
way more active than I am now. My big trips now consist of wheeling
the garbage and re-cycle out to the curb twice a week...LOL. No, not as bad
as all that. I sincerely hope you and Layla have some eventful times.
Take care....Janine.


Thanks, Janine. Life is a bit dull these days compared to some of my time at sea!! I enjoyed and hated it!! LOL

"parrotman" tag as I have an African Grey parrot called "Layla". I've always liked birds. My garden is a "bird haven". Good to chat! :-))

Oh, my ! You really did have an interesting life......I didn't know about the marine salvage and
towing service you did. Nice life on the water. You must have many interesting stories about
the ocean salvage and even rig towing. Now I see why you use the name tugman22.
Tell me.....if you would.... what is the parrotman for, do you raise Parrots or own them ?
It certainly is nice getting background filling in the gray areas, so to speak. Thanks.
C U soon, Janine.


Nice to hear that, Janine. It's nice to get some "background" on the "names" on Jigidi!! I spent a lot of my time at sea doing marine salvage, trans-Atlantic towing and rig towing (I might have told you already - but it's the age!!! LOL)

You led a very interesting life.....deep sea fishing as a Charter Skipper. I did some boating, but not on the ocean.....the Hudson River in New York State. I could read charts and navigate at the age of 10. I loved it. Most of the fishing I did was lakes and streams and some of it in the Adirondack Mountain Range. Many years and memories ago and also for you too. Good talking, and will be seeing you from time to time. Thanks John........Janine.


Good to bring back some nice memories for you, Janine. I mainly did sea fishing. I skippered charter angling boats for many years!! Nice when the weather was good! LOL Nice to hear from you!

Wow...these are beautiful. They look so great together. I did alot of fishing in New York State for
trout and used only a very plain silver I even forgot what it was called. I didn't do fly fishing.....just deep casting from the shore mostly, or waded some. I had the energy then, and think of it often. These bring back many memories.....thanks John.......Janine.


Thanks for the comment, WillyB! There's a larger version on my tugman22 area, if you are interested!!

Right up my alley, parrotman22. I can probably name everyone of those lures !!