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warm and toasty inside, and a beautiful blanket of white outdoors

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Oh, good, PLG, I'll make extra. ; )


YES! :)


Thank you, Tampagirl. Thank you for stopping in.

I like a decaffeinated latte as well. ; ) Obviously, milk based beverages go better with GERD. LOL


Beautiful cozy room rose! A warm cup of anything would just be perfect to complete the picture :)


Oh, thank you, Lyndee. I really like this room. I'm glad it shows the "glow." ; )


What a beautiful room this is. And it glows with love.


You are welcome, PLG! This is giving me inspiration to get to that room tomorrow. ; ) Want to join Plumpossum and I for mugs of hot chocolate? ; )


So festive and lovely! Thanks!


Sounds delightful, Plumpossum! I would enjoy your company. ; )


Snow for Christmas, 2009.

Many gifts from my daughter over the years: the truck holding Christmas trees, The large grayish brown clay acorn on the side board, the votive candle holder made from metal with a leaf design cut into the side, the golden leaf dish on the small round table, the brass candle holder just behind it with a pine cone in the design of the base, and a large feather covered ornament on the left side of the tree -- nearly out of the picture, near a pearl colored ball. Finally the wooden block hanging from the door of a buffet, with a tree painted on it. And many more around the room and house


Looks very warm and inviting. Shall we sit down and have a nice chat over a cup of hot chocolate (with whipped cream!)?