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Ohh look! Baby birds, aren't they cute??

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But they will in a very little time!! Thanks so very much Dagmar!!


If they think that the baby birds look cute they haven't seen mama or papa bird yet. :))


Well, we'll see how it all works when the time comes!! So you meant Bornholm!! Yes, we have some islands out to the east, wonder what happens on those that are not populated!!


Haha Hanne, sorry for the spelling error. On the new site, I cannot go back and forth without losing my comment and my short term memory is terrible!!!


So that's what they are!! Thanks so very much for searching so hard Robbie, I appreciate so extremely much the facts you have found. But I'm a little bit confused - do you mean Borgholm or Bornholm?? Indeed it's important for the traffic on the sea!!


Hanne, I think Robbie's got the answer to the question the the birds, now what will happen next!


These are the very rare Coconutus Birdus found only in certain fantasy lands near Borgholm. Ma and pa are joined as one for life and are very protective of their offspring. They make their home in giant coconuts and wander through the oceans catching fish and whatnauts....I mean whatnots. If one of the golden boys looked behind in time they could row on a different course and avoid a deadly meeting with the enraged parents!
Great fun as usual Hanne and Bent and thanks.


Wonderful, after all - you like it!! Thanks so very much whatnauts!!


Oh goodness. A two-headed bird. How delightful!!


No, they don't Sandy! Thanks so very much!!

Yes, indeed they are!! Thanks so very much Jan!!

Actually, Ardy, you can't hear it, but they talk to the birdies and they answer!! Thanks so very much!!


I was in a hurry before and didn't see the baby birds on the miniature island. I thought they were looking at the monster bird flying. That two headed creature looks like it could pluck them both right out of their little boat and end the story. The lesson here could be - always watch your back. Oh dear, what next? Stay tuned. Thanks, Hanne.


Knowing these two guys, the baby birds are definitely NOT cute! Oh MY, in danger again!!


Oh my! They don't see the danger behind them.


Have a nice time Ardy, see you!! Thanks for telling!!

Yes, Lela!! Thanks so very much!!


EEEEK!.....It's behind you....the Mummy-Mummy bird!!.....


Got to run but will be back. Just had to see where our adventurers were now. This doesn't look so good either especially if those are baby birds!! Back later, Hanne.