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Wandering through the Greenhouse I visited, enjoying all the colors and smells ...


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Thanks, Kat ! The deal with Truffles is we gave him a home and a full food dish but for that he has to stay inside .... he thinks that his side of the deal is optional ! 12:30 am I went out and called him again ... and you are right they sit in the bushes and snicker at you calling ... closed the door, looked once more out of the window and here he was next to our car. So I opened the door and in he came ... that was the best sleeping remedy for me ! I am sure you kept your fingers crossed ! Thanks again !


Ooooooohhh, that is one of the reasons I have indoor-only kitties now. You do realize that those guys will sit in the bushes, listening to you call them and watching you open and close the door in search of them, right? It's TRUE! I used to catch Mr. Grey doing that. Little monkeys. Once the weather gets nice, they become wild nocturnal animals . . . until the thought of actually having to hunt for their supper occurs to them and they saunter in, as though they are doing you some kind of favor. Good luck to you, Puzzles!


You are welcome, Kat. The only way I will be able to un-wind tonight is when my Truffles gets his butt back inside ! He snug out twice today and now he refuses to come back in ... I am concerned for his well-being over night ! Wish us luck !


Oh, how I love these little ballerinas! Fuschias grow in huge bushes here and I just love them. Once again, Puzzles, thank you for yet another lovely floral photo puzzle. It is such a joy to be able to unwind assembling your photo beauties! :)