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Belle with Lambchop

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You're exactly right about the last sentence~I love my cats boy, and don't have to go walk them, I'd rather dig for treasures in the cat box!!! lol, lol, lol! (Kidding of course), but I am so glad your daughter adopted her, and bless her little heart for being her age. Your daughter probably needs to start whispering to her too? She's just a beautiful dog!


Hi Lambchop...absolutely, when I see her next she will get an extra treat.


Belle is a rescue dog Flkatz...she was abandoned at the Animal Shelter because they did not want to pay the fee to reclaim her so she went up for adoption. My daughter was the lucky one who eventually got her. She was already 7 years old (approx.) at the time and had not been spayed so she may have been used for breeding. She is a long -haired Chihuahua (and maybe a little of another breed, who knows). She is now 14 years old and got a clean bill of health when she had three teeth pulled which were bothering her. We only found out at that time she had already had 4 teeth removed a long time ago, but dogs have lots of teeth. She is so much happier now that she had those troublesome teeth removed. She is my shadow, and even if our daughter is here Belle will not listen to her, but the minute I tell her something she's all co-operative. Frustrates my daughter no end. (My secret is I whisper sweet nothings in her ear which she loves and responds with licks to my chin.) I personally love cats as pets, and while I also love dogs, I do like them to go home with their owner. Dogs are somewhat like little children, always looking for attention, whereas a cat can give you that look that says "don't bother me".


Marian, she's beautiful! What kind of dog is she? That's the sweetest face, and why did she have to have her teeth removed?


Ahhhhh Belle - so nice to see you. You're looking wonderful. Marian, she has the sweetest face, and she's very alert. I really do look forward to Belle puzzles. How about an extra treat for that sweetie :)


I'm glad you enjoyed her photo SunnyBarb....Belle is our daughter's dog but we dog-sit 2 - 3 times a week. She's a very sweet, loving little creature. Have a great day.


Hi are right she is much healthier since she had those teeth removed, and Lambchops seems to be her companion of choice now.


She certainly lives up to her name, Marian :)))) Thank you for posting :)


Well hello Belle the beautiful!!! You are looking very healthy and much happier these days. Give Lambchop a good nibble to prove it :~)