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....Shall Bear Fruit and Multiply

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This cactus has always flowered alot but it has never set fruit like it has this winter. Pretty showy.


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I'd love to have a piece of your cactus, but California is pretty picky (prickly?) about permitting plants in - - we have a lot of problems with unwelcome plant (and animal) species.


Fantastic cactus


I'm not sure what its called or remember where we got it. It grows fast for a cactus. The heads multiply and fall off so we plant them in soil and they grow easy. I'll send one to anyone who wants it.


This is just so cool, Dave! You have a dab hand with the "pricklies" (and your Jade plant looks really healthy too.) Do you know the name of this cactus? I used to have one back in the dark ages that never was allowed to grow so I've never seen the bloom; our cat, at that time, used to love to de-pot it! You'd hear murbling noises and around the corner he'd come, carrying it in his the top! Strange dude. He must have liked the texture of the soft prickles. No matter how many times I took it from Mouse and re-potted it, he'd be back there taking it out. I finally had to find the cactus a new home (the cat stayed...). ;-D


This is an interesting cactus! I've also never seen one like this. I like it!


A great plant you have there warbler. Thank you for showing it to us.


I'm with chickie. What kind is it? It's great, fruiting or not................


Thanks Chickie-they grow fast. As you can see, this one needs repotted again, which might be why it flowered and set fruit so heavy.


I have never seen this kind of cactus. It's beautiful.


Thanks Lectra. Lots of little yellow flowers left lots of little red fruit.


Very showy I have not seen this much fruit on any cactus. Wow!