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The big reunion-yesterday evening

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Obviously they had not forgotten each other. No pecking or squabbling just a lot of little pips and squeaks which they use in greeting. This is the cleaned inside of the bunny cage. The box is temporary till I'm able to close off half of that nesting box to give them a snug sleeping place. I've attached a small wire enclosure to the outside which has a mesh net over top so hopefully they'll be happy in there for now.


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Thanks Sharon. BG is almost healed. I think they may be ready to look for a new home soon.


They have postage stamps for art work! And they make me happy.


That's exactly what it looked like Gail, though I've never seen any of them do it before.


Maybe they're like cats who groom their friends, and get to things on their body that they can't get to themselves.


Yes Nicky, I was surprised to see that BG was actually enjoying it so I guess it helps with the itching due to healing.


I realized that Barb. Latest news is that someone came to look at the bantam rooster and I told them that he was hard to catch. They said they could catch anything. Turns out they couldn't catch him but did buy the 3 remaining chicks and said they would come back next week for the rooster. They live over an hour away so I'm not sure if they will or not.


Ah, that's great to hear, Edie. Good job you looked closer to see what was actually happening, and it was helpful picking instead of harmful pecking.


Ah, thanks for explaining, Edie. I misunderstood what Ardy meant regarding Chicklet. Hope that Chicklet was just looking after BG but glad you'll be watching closely. Hope they can stay together. :-)


Thanks everyone for following up on them. I just posted a pic that shows their little coop and outside area. They seem to like it even though it's small. Barb I think Ardy meant the 3 from the group of 11 are glad to be rid of Chicklet. They picked on the two little ones and Chicklet picked on them. Today Chicklet was picking at BG head wound and I thought I would have to take him out but as I watched BG seemed to be enjoying it and Chicklet was being ever so gentle. Maybe he was removing some dead skin around the edges. BG had his head turned sideways to give him better access. I'll certainly keep and eye on them.


Oh, that's so good to see! (Will you still put antibiotics in the water for BG?) :DDD


Barb, this IS our Fab Four and yes, that's Chicklet and the two little chicks.


I am so happy to see them reunited! It is just wonderful to see the extent of BG's recovery. Thanks so much Edie, and well done BG!


Ardy, isn't that Chicklet at the back right? He /she is part of our fab 4. :-)


Your comments make me smile, too. I had no idea they could bond like this until you started the Chicken Chronicles. Thanks, Edie.


I'm delighted to see this, Edie. I was afraid maybe the others would turn on BG since he was injured.
I'm assuming all is well with them this morning. I imagine the three other chicks are glad to get rid of Chicklet!!! Thank you so much for this.


Fantastic, Edie. I'm so happy to see the Fab 4 together again and to hear they haven't forgotten each other. You've just brightened my day, thank you. :-)

This is good to see. I looked all day yesterday for word on them.They are looking good. Thanks..and ..good job to you!!!!!