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Cliff Steps at Ricks Cafe, Jamaica!

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No cliff divers to be seen, except 2 tourists came shortly after.


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So I didn't miss anything at all! That is great to know. I kind of suspected that might be the case! Thank you for telling me jzmatlik! :D

During sunset is too much people at the Rick's cafe and many of them are fully drunk.I didn't like this place.


Jzmatlik - It sounds like you know that Negril sunsets are fabulous anywhere near the water. And, yes, I was not that fond of Rick's in spite of the hype.

Hester - now I want to see THAT!

Ank - You can take the pictures of Hester "slipping in!"

Ardy - I really enjoyed the cliff diving in Acapulco AGES ago!


No aspirations to do anything like this. When I get in the water I want to do it at water level and no higher, thank you!! But it would be interesting to watch the professional divers go off. Thanks, Jan.


It looks beautiful, but I'm sure I would not do it. Thanks Jan.


I wouldn't have the bottle to do that but I'd love to slip in sedately from the steps! :-)

Good place to see sunset,anyway there are better places in Negril.


No, we got there too early in the day. But, we saw 2 stupid tourists do it! The first time they jumped (the 2nd one had to be coaxed), they went feet first. The second time (I can't believe they did it again!), it was head first. I reckon about 60 feet! And no, I do not think they were drunk! LOL


Did you get to see the cliff divers dive???