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In the ancient Middle East, umbrellas provided protection from the sun and in Ancient Greece the collapsible umbrella made a fashion statement, according to "Who Invented It". The Chinese made the first waterproofed umbrellas for use in the rain.


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Specially those, like me, who can't paddle in a straight line!


I forgot to mention that umbrellas should also be required equipment for kayakers.


Thanks Wendy, I'll remember to ensure I always take an umbrella when I go out in a rowboat :~)


An umbrella is a necessity for someone in a rowboat. That's the only factoid I'm aware of.
But meanwhile, back at the ranch, this is a beautiful puzzle, especially after clicking on "Solve." :-)


Yes!! What is it like up your end of the country Lesley?? No snow here, but very wet and windy all day.


Aah, Gamps!


Thanks Katie, I appreciate your generosity, I hope that rain passes quickly :~)


These who knew puzzles are so interesting Mandy! There's rain headed my way now, but I'm staying inside. That will leave more umbrellas for those that need to go out in their rain. Thanks!


whatnauts, you are so right, umbrella's don't work in cloudy climates!! Nice to know you had fun though, thanks :~)


No need for an umbrella in these here parts, although it is very cloudy. Thanks for the fun puzzle and info, monza :))


Thanks Pat - to you too!!


Happy unbrella day Mandy


Thanks Jan, I loved looking at all the images when I was looking for my ingredients... but I never saw any like mine!! I just Googled Portland and was surprised to see Vancouver on the map... until I scrolled out to see the Vancouver I'm familiar with is much further north... across the border!!! LOL - my North American Geography is almost non-existent, so I'm enjoying looking up where people I know live!!


Thanks 2dogs7cats, I hope your rain doesn't freeze or you'll need iceskates too!!


Fascinating story behind them. And, they are so beautiful.
Every Day is Umbrella Day in Portland! (almost)
Thanks for a very fun puzzle!


Great puzzle and just in time. After all our snow we are now expecting rain. Thanks


Thanks PJ, it's good to know you enjoyed the puzzle and the info too :~)


Thanks Rosie, I'm happy to help you wake up!! It's fabulous that other people are also enjoying the information I'm sharing.


You're right Ardy, an umbrella won't last 5 minutes outside my house today. I'm smiling hugely that you're enjoying this series so much, thankyou :~)


Great Mandy. Beautiful umbrellas and interesting info. Thanks.


Really beautiful umbrellas. Great wakeup puzzle and nice piece of knowledge for the day. Who knew indeed!


If it's as windy as yesterday an umbrella wouldn't last long. Thanks for the interesting information you included with the puzzle. Your umbrellas are so pretty. Thank you. I'm really loving this series.


Thanks Magda, I'm glad you have a beautiful day, here it is extremely windy and very wet!! If I use an umbrella today it will blow away!! If you need to borrow a "brolly" please just help yourself... :~)


Good to learn something! But today we have wonderful sun, beautiful on the snowy mountains outside my window. But it is cold.
No need of umbrella today, but I might like to borrow one some other day. Thanks.


Thank you Chailie, your comment is greatly appreciated :~)


Thanks Barb, of course you may!! But try not to caught in that freezing rain today. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit :~)


Thanks pilley, nice to see this morning ;~)


A very clever idea. Thank you.


As the temperatures warm up here, we are expecting freezing rain and then rain tomorrow. May I borrow one of your beautiful umbrellas, Mandy? They are all so pretty that I don't mind which one you lend me. :-))
Thanks for another interesting Who Knew puzzle!


Very creative, loved it, thanks.