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Miller 1917, Golden Submarine

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Boston Jack, Trust you enjoyed your flight from Calgary BC, before you spend lots of time on this you should know: The Great Race is sponsored by Hemming's Publishing and goes from one destination to another example Mosport ON to Watkins Glenn NY. The vehicles are driven over a week long time period on a planned route and over night stays. Sponky's picture showed the original Barney Oldfield car.


..........Hi Fleetwood, I'm on my way out when I spotted your reply...........Are you saying that the 2007 Great Race specs (I'm not familiar to these specs) would dictate the lenght of hood, roof etc. of a replica ? If I find the time and time is fleeing, I'll find answers. But for now I have a 21:00hr flight out of Calgary (CYYC) to Ottawa (CYOW) flight ACA 118. Don't get into a huff over this, keep calm..............I'm talking flight simulation. I'm flying in the comfort of my home. If I have a chance I'll check in after midnight (Eastern standard time). Thanks.


Boston Jack, looked up the Concours program and here's a couple more lights for you book:
the famous Barney Oldfield raced the original 1917 Miller submarine, he had commissioned
the car from Harry Miller with an iron roll cage in 1919 it qualified for the Indianapolis 500, but dropped out with engine trouble. The car in my pictures Dale Bell commissioned Charles Glick to build for 2007 Great Race specs. Powered by 1916 Chevy 4 cylinder similar to 1917 original.


Boston Jack thanks again for all the info, there's probably more info on the plaque in the photo, but not sure it can be read. The judging committee does a very thorough research on the vehicles.
Good fun!

boston_jack again. I was wondering why Glick made his replica with a shorter hood shorter roof with fewer windows ? and if one examines the original, along with Boudeman's replica you can find find more differences........ummmmm go figure !


........Hi Fleetwood, This looks like the replica of Dale Bell of Florida..........this car has a shorter hood and shorter roof......only two side windows while Buck Boudeman's replica has a longer hood and roof line like the original Henry Miller. Now I find that a Charles Glick created one as well wich look like your photo. ...................and as I write these lines I find that ''Dale Bell'' commissioned Charles Glick to build one as, your photo, by deduction, is Glick's replica and digging out photos of Miller's original 1917 car Boudeman's is the exact replica. Boy what a fun time getting this to make sense. Great, as always.........Thanks !