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Our baby at 4 days old

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Thanks for the "heads up" on this cutie! Fascinating


This is just fabulous - the photos and your info! She is so very very cute!!


It takes 2 strong men and a harness to hold her steady because she is super strong and over 300 pounds! Nobody gets to hug her but I've seen video of her hug the vet with her trunk when he checks her heartbeat. I would love to but will never be allowed. Only keepers and vets ever get to touch them. In a few weeks I hope to be allowed behind the glass for good pix but several feet away.
The mother is extremely protective and is restrained and fed special goodies for the very few minutes anyone needs to weigh or examine the baby She was born at the OR Zoo and is very used to the keepers and vet and knows the baby is safe.
My only involvement is to watch a few hours some nights on a monitor while keepers get some sleep. This is to alert them if anything unusual happens.
Even staff hasn't been let into the viewing room yet.
Visit for photos and video updated almost daily for now.


Carol - do you get to do anything related to her care? She is just such a sweetie and I LOVE your photos!!


Is this the new baby Asian elephant just recently born at the Portland Zoo???


Would the mother be distraut if you tried to hug her?


And already very smart! I just wish I could hug her.


She's a sweetie...can't stop smiling. :DDD