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fighting Breast Cancer in Australia

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Breast cancer unfortunately impacts the lives of every Australian. It affects our employees, our co-workers, our customers, business partners, friends – even our own family. One in eight Australian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer by the time they turn 85, with the number of deaths from breast cancer estimated at 85 men and 3,087 women – just for this year alone.
To help fight this horrible disease, Sumich Carrots is raising much needed funds for breast cancer research. Following on from their huge success last year, Sumich will donate 5c for every 1kg (2.2lb.) prepack bag of carrots sold within Australia for the month of October.
Together with the support of those who stock Sumich carrots – including many of Your Local Greengrocer’s wonderful member retailers – Sumich is hoping to generate awareness across the country and raise in excess of $50,000 to help in finding a cure.
Sumich is a Gold Partner of the National Breast Cancer Foundation. They recommend that as part of a healthy diet, at least five serves of vegetables and two serves of fruit a day may help to reduce your risk of cancer. Together with a balanced diet, healthy weight and regular physical exercise may also help to reduce the risk of a range of diseases, including breast cancer.


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Surprise Surprise!! :))


Bev, thank you very much for all of that information. I was not aware just how large the Sumich operation was. ♥♥♥

Thank you Nev.

Sumich’s farms are based in various strategic geographical areas across Western Australia and Tasmania. The Western Australian farming operations are located in Myalup, Kwinana, Gingin and Lancelin. This includes the West Hills Farm carrot operation, which harvests in excess of 2000 tonne of carrots per week. In Tasmania, Sumich’s farming operations are located on the north coast.
Sumich also owns and manages more than 1000 hectares of olive trees in the Moore River Region. With a new state of the art processing plant located in the heart of more than 800,000 surrounding olive trees, Sumich processes olive oil from over 10 surrounding farms in the Moore River Region.


Bobbie, it is an excellent cause. I do hope cancer can be beaten one day, but I really don't think it's going to happen in our lifetimes. However, fingers crossed.
It's funny you lost your Internet due to a storm. We have had no storm here, but have just been offline for five hours, not knowing why. That is the reason for me taking so long to answer your comment. ♥♥♥


Wonderful idea, to support a great cause, and promote healthy eating at the same time. Good puzzles yesterday. I lost my internet with the storm.☺♥♥


Wendy, it is great to see this issue get so much support from the general public. ♥♥♥


What a great way to raise money for breast cancer. I am very aware of it, my mother died from breast cancer, and I have already had 4 scares and a couple of biopsies. It's very scary..............Wendy


redina1, that's quite true. And when there are a few thousand other males at the cricket also wearing pink, I guess one wouldn't feel so out-of-place. ♥♥♥


My husband used to say "It takes a real man to wear pink!" :)


Sissel, Cricket is one of Australia's national Summer sports, and every year at the Sydney Cricket Ground one day of a Test match is devoted to raising money for Breast Cancer research. Spectators are encouraged to wear something pink, and they do, even the males. ♥♥♥


It is "pink weeks" here Neville :-))))) Thank you


treker, good one! Thank you.




Ardy, I've told Marge to only buy these bags of carrots this month. Yes, every little bit helps. ♥♥♥


Different last names, tho --Bugs Bunny and Jack Rabbit. Maybe cousins?


Janet, I thought it was brilliant. ♥♥♥


Sherry, it quickly adds up. $50,000 is a lot of money. ♥♥♥


redina1, Jack looks as though he could be related to Bugs!! :-))) ♥♥♥


Bought your supply of carrots yet, Nev? Good idea and a contribution to healthy eating. Thanks. Every little bit helps.


What a great idea Nev, thanks and hugs ♥♥♥

Very good idea...Sherry :)))


That's a good thing, and Jack is a cute bunny. :))