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Let's All Eat Right Day is a day to honor Adelle Davis, one of the country's best-known nutritionists.

Adelle, born on February 25th 1904 was an advocate in the nutrition movement, she wrote books about healthy living. Adelle was a proponent for eating whole unprocessed foods, she criticized food additives, and claimed that dietary supplements and other nutrients played a huge role in preventing diseases and restoring health when recovering from a disease.

Today is a good day to reflect on the foods we eat and to identify ways we can eat right and stay healthy.


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Definitely Magda... home made cakes in particular... don't forget the important protein in the eggs too... and the fruit in the fillings!!! LOL!


Cakes should also be included in health food. It is made mainlz from flour and sugar///both veggies. So in future I will not feel bad eating it. LOL




You better not!


I can't fault your logic Wendy!! LOL!


And then cane sugar comes from a fibrous plant and everyone knows that fiber is good for you.


The sugar in my coffee is healthy too. Sugar can come from beets and corn, so I think sugar should be included in the vegetable category.


Good for you whatnauts... I'm also trying to eat more healthily... it shouldn't be so difficult!! Quick and easy to eat processed food is my downfall... even though I love the healthy items!


This is a very timely 'day' for me as I made a commitment to myself over the weekend to smarten up and get back to eating healthy. Today was day one so we'll see how it goes....


Thanks PJ - you have done well today, if you've had bits from all my images!! Did you enjoy coconut water too? I love it, but it is not easy to get a fresh supply in the UK.


Mandy - wonderful puzzle, and thank you so much for your 'healthy' reminder. Honestly, I can say amen to all your images - today I've had bits from all of them except the coconut milk. And a little coffee does have health benefits...................
I started 4 years ago to redirect food habits, and now healthy food feels normal :-)


LOL - thanks Wendy. I'm not an expert on the health benefits of coffee... I don't drink it!! I suspect it the cream and sugar that people put into it that reduces its health benefits though! Veggies are great!!


Well, there you go - keeping me from running out to get some breakfast pastries! (actually, with all the weight I've lost, I would not do that, but it did occur to me)
Instead, I resolve to make this another day of healthy eating. Thanks for the encouragement!


Thanks Katie, its good to hear you are looking forward to a delicious day... :~)


Oh dear. My main meal of the day is coffee. I'm assuming that coffee BEANS belong in the legume family. Vegetables are good for you.


Hi Mandy, this is going to be a very delicious day! The pictures you chose for celebrating today are terrific. Thanks for another great Who Knew puzzle.


Good for you Pat.... I also saw you had coffee ;~)


Had my oatmeal this morning.... thanks Mandy


Thanks Ardy, I had a feeling you would be able to enjoy this one!!! So will I!!! :~)


Thanks Rosie, that's so great to hear what the local schools are doing to promote language. I can't take any credit for inventing it though, I just highlight national and international special days that already exist. You can read more about the language day here:


Thanks Barb - it was a golden opportunity to promote healthy eating after yesterday's "naughty but nice" celebration!! I had fun finding appropriate images, so I'm pleased you like them!


Thanks Linda - it's nice to see you today :~)


Wonderful, Mandy. An eating one I can heartily endorse. Thank you.


Mandy. Just wanted to let you know that there was a huge story in the Sunday paper that Feb. is celebrated as language immersion month here in Mn. The grade and middle schools work with the Minnesota zoo and have days during the month that the kids that speak Japanese or Chinese or Dutch
Spanish or Russian or Check all come to the zoo and each school teaches the other schools in their second language. they point out the animals and call them by their names in the language this group is speaking, they hand out lists of the animals with both names the same with all of the plants, trees, doors, people working there, the cars and buses they used, the food they eat that day. This is quite the Language education day and they do it every school day with different groups from schools all over Minnesota. I'm pretty proud and thought you might like to know how one state is using your days and hard work to better school children. Thanks for all you call to our attention. This has me thinking what else could we do coming from all over the world.


This was fun Mandy, thanks. Today also happens to be by daughter's birthday so it's already a special one around here. We celebrated all four February birthday's yesterday so today will be a healthy eating day for me. Too much cake......


A very sensible day to celebrate and think about, Mandy. You've chosen some great images to represent this special day, thanks. :-)


What a great day it is! Thanks for a terrific puzzle and new knowledge. :)