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Design of Some Sort or Another

64 pieces
170 solves
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Exactly, Mr. Bugosi. Rabbits can hop, so I see no reason why you can't too.

I think this one is pretty cool too, whatnauts! Thank you. :-)


Awesome!!! Love this one :)


S'pose I'll just have to get used to hopping!......


Thank you, Mandy. I'm more inclined to think that it's the result of some wayward brain cells though. I was never 'normal.' LOL!

OH NO! mariasha, I forgot to provide you with a map of the area. I just KNEW that I forgot something. ;-)

Mr. Bugosi, do you really need your left foot? The simplest solution is to get rid of it. An additional benefit is that all your shoes will cost 50% less. You won't have to wait for sales.


I lost my shoe somewhere!...........(the left foot).......

Help...I'm being held prisoner in this there a way out?


I think this must represent the neurological pathways of creativity in your brain!!! Active, bustling and well developed :))