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not as dark as it seems

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16 pieces
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I feel like I'm rushing through a digital cityscape in a sci-fi film! Love it! Thanks, Latifa! (❛ᴗ❛)


Als de puzzel gemaakt is , is hij niet zo donker . Het zijn heel mooie kleuren latifa . Dank je wel .


A hall of mirrors under a flashing disco ball! grins!☺


It reminds me of the main street in the downtown in the rain....very colorful, thanks, latifa :)


A mirrored floor of a great library with many colored books and l am curious what is beyond the door! The more l look the more l feel like l am sliding toward it. This evokes strong feelings latifa perhaps for it's brilliance. Thanks for the journey.


Beautiful puzzle, latifas. Don't know whether I'm brave enough to try one of the larger ones, though ;-))


Do I seen the landing area in the far distance? Thanks latifas. :-)


No, actually it's very well lit, Thanks, Latifa.

I like this! Reminds me of my college days!