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Undersea Flowers!

36 pieces
157 solves
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Thanks, Michelle! I liked making this one a LOT! :D


Fun, frivolous and oh, so pretty! Very enjoyable design, Jan. (1:54)


Dagmar - This effect is a basic image "doctored up" as usual.....then find the right overlaying image (or even two) and then distort the two images together. Its a lot of fun to do!


Thanks so much, Francine!!


This is really stunning, up to now it is my favourite closely followed by the maple treee and the dreams of undersea. I don't know how you did it but you managed to combine simple flowers into something really beautiful that strikes the eye. The combinations of colours is perfect. I wouldn't mind hanging this on one of my walls. :))


Jamaica! How romantic - 2nd honeymoon (or 10th anniversary celebration). Happy for you. [life is good....:))))) ] Wishing you a super time. :)))


You are so very welcome, Kirsten. This is one of my favorites! Thank you so much!!!!


Just spectacular, Jan! I love everything about this, from the detailed and complex background, to the naive crayon drawings in the foreground. Thanks so much. :)))


Francine - Thanks so very much!
Yes - we are going to celebrate our tenth anniversary with a visit to where we honeymooned in Jamaica! I can't wait!!


Rosie - I am so sorry for the snow. It makes me feel guilty for the sunny beach! Today will be rain, however. I am so glad you enjoy my puzzles. Thank you so very much for all of your kind comments! It makes me feel warm inside! :D


Thanks, Jan. Great cheerful design and colours. (1:57).
...You're going on vacation, I read. Ocean. Nice. :)


This is really beautiful. I love the colors and am going crazy for spring and this puzzle gives me hope, that and daylight savings time. Seems weird to still have two feet of snow on the ground and DST at the same time. Oh, well, what can you do. Thanks for another great show of your talent. Next, Jiggyboards and collage. Rosie


Sissel - thank you so much. I'm glad you think this one is sweet. :D))

BonnieJack - now you have me blushing! Thank you so VERY much. That is wonderful praise and I will accept it gracefully, like my mother taught me. (however, I think you went overboard:DD))

Mandy - I'm so glad you liked it. It was tremendous fun to make and I made similar ones. It was hard to choose.

Ank - Thank you! With the sunny weather, I want to have Spring now! Our daughter will be leaving Tuesday. Right now she's out getting a new computer with her Dad. We try to each have alone time with her.

Hanne - I love underwater videos and wouldn't miss a single one. I hope to be underwater in just 2 weeks! :D


Fabulous, Jan, thanks so very much. By the way - did you see the underwater video? I think Ardy gave it to you!!


Wow Jan, this is spring. Thanks. Is your daughter still there?


Jan - these really are very beautiful, I love the edges too, thanks so much :~)


I think you are entirely too modest, Jan. Your work is steller, and we are all absolutley brilliant to recognize that fact.


Love this Jan - so adorable - thanks for sharing :-)


Fuchsia - Thank YOU! :)

JC - That's what I was thinking, but an octopus addition didn't "work!"

Queenbee2b - Thank you! That is a wonderful idea. Now, if I could get enough resolution to make it work!

Edie - Thank you! I am really in the mood for spring. I've seen a few signs and it's got me hoping!

Katie - Thank you - I love that descriptive word! I am pleased you think so! I'm also thrilled that you like these. :D

Ardy - Ah shucks! It's the computer that does all the work. I just play around with it until I like it! But, thank you so much.

Ancienthippy - Awesome! Glad you liked it!




So beautiful, Jan. You are so artistic. It's a wonder to me that things like this can be created on a computer. Thank you for sharing.


This is beautifully ethereal Jan! Thank you ever so much for your artworks!


Lovely colours in this one Jan. Really enjoyed it. Thanks


Beautiful "painting" to hang on your wall!! Love the coloring! Fun, thankyou!! :)


Nice one, Jan! Under the sea in an Octopus's Garden!

Nice picture. Thanks!