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Happy Valentine's Day! (medium)

81 pieces
206 solves
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The image in the center was used to make all of the surrounding kaleidoscopes.


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Kirsten - we BOTH have to figure out how to do more solving! I think I am going to cut back.........seriously.

BITE ME? Well, from some of the "special order" phrases I saw while searching, that would be quite tame! OMG!!


You ARE a naughty one. That was a toughie!! But sweeeeeeeet!! And I don't know why, but I thought that the bottom middle said "bite me" for a moment!! LOL

I hope you had a lovely Valentine's day Jan. And sorry that I was so late to this one. I barely can find time to solve these days.


Quartina - I am so glad you had fun! Thanks

Barb - I am so very naughty - remember - I am a lion pig! LOL
I am glad you enjoyed it!!


Ooh, my sweet tooth has been activated, Jan, you naughty girl. LOL
That was lots of fun, and may I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day as well. :-)


That was a fun one, Jiggy!!!


Thanks so much, Hanne and Ardy! I am so glad you enjoyed these! :D


Look how you can read or know what the words are in the kaleido images. Delightful puzzle. Thanks you, Jan. Happy Valentine's Day to you --- and John and Maggie.


Thanks for the middle, Jan!! Happy day - happy puzzle! You can't help smiling when you make this one!! Thanks so very much!


Mariasha - You are so very welcome. Now, don't eat too many, ok? LOL

Oh my goodness, this was such a fun puzzle to put together...thanks for the sweet thoughts!