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The Manor House 1 Basement Kitchen with Mrs Bridges the Cook (Resized)

216 pieces
61 solves
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Manor House Basement Kitchen resized for those with more stamina! Hope you enjoy it folks!


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Hi Octomom - Of course I don't think you're awful for not commenting on my puzzles! Whatever next Lol! I've got so many puzzles bookmarked, probably hudnreds - I see what takes my fancy most days that are around 36 pieces or under, then I'll have a couple of evenings doing a theme (haven't done sunsets or mirror images yet, which I'm looking forward to!) I'm also looking forward to seeing your stitchery crafts - it's not that I don't like other styles of work, it's just that I go for what I think would suit the decor of my house (even though I haven't made my panels up into cushions yet - the decor will probably change before I get round to sewing them any way lol!) I would never have thought bamboo thread would be silky. I also make greetings cards, and love the unusual kinds of paper - I once was given some paper made from elephant dung! Thank you for your kind comments regarding Connie, and my new kitty Tasha (who's developed into a feisty little madam - I guess she wants to just make sure that she lays down a few rules of her own so we know we're not going to have it all our own way!!!) and also for your kind comments about the recent loss of my friend, and the tragic circumstances of her husband - he was a brilliant engineer, a lead singer and bass guitarist in his own band, built his own guitars and did repairs for others, built bespoke furniture, repaired mobility equipment, had his own businesses doing pub quiz nights, karaoke & discos - he could turn his hand to almost anything, and I guess it's likely he may never know who I am or recognise me again. Life can be very cruel. But, we have no choice but to go on living it so that's what I'm doing a day at a time just now - and jigidi and jigidi friends are helping. Thanks again. Nicky.


Hi Nicky, I'm just getting caught up on responding to all your comments on my puzzles. Like I said in one of them, I know you've been stalking me, and that you're welcome to borrow any puzzle you like as long as you give it back!

For the last few years, I've only looked through puzzles through my Favorites filter (buy a star and you'll know what I mean). As a result, there are hundreds of puzzles each day that I miss, some by choice, others I wish I'd seen. I just don't have the time to go through all the puzzles that are posted each day.

I just looked in my Favorites and noticed you weren't there. That's been remedied. I just finished looking through all your puzzles. Do you only have this profile? Just because I don't comment on them doesn't mean I haven't seen them. A few years ago, I posted a lot of photos of miniatures. I don't know how many of them survived the time when puzzles were automatically deleted after a while.

I noticed that you enjoy needlepoint. Yours are gorgeous. I can see the effort that goes into working on yours. I've done many also. I enjoyed very much looking through all your photos. I'm going to create some private puzzles so you can get an idea of the kind of work I do. Our styles are very different. While you tend towards the classics and florals, mine are jump-right-out-at-you loud. Neither style is better, just different. My favorite threads to work in are the metallics. Used sparingly, they create nice accents. Used in abundance, and they can really make something pop. I think a lot of yours are made with wool threads. That's probably my least favorite medium, mostly in that I don't work with a frame, and wool tends to pull too tight for me and warp the canvas. I also like the feel of cotton, silk, metallics and bamboo better. The bamboo threads are incredibly silky-feeling.

I'll create another comment for you after I finish creating my needlepoint puzzles and include the links. It won't be tonight, since I've just spent the last hour and a half looking at your puzzles. You might or might not like my style. A lot of them are one-of-a-kind. Some of them were painted for me by a Canadian artist named Geoff Smith of Monomania Needlepoint. He does incredible work. You can check out his art on

I also just found out about Connie. She was a real beauty, Nicky. You probably think I'm awful for never commenting on any of your puzzles, but it was because I didn't know you even had a profile. It's unusual for pets to die from anesthesia, but it's not unheard of. My vet always recommends running a blood panel before she'll put one of my guys under anesthesia, just to make sure there isn't something underlying that would preclude knocking them out. It's expensive but will catch something that's not visible to a vet otherwise. I hope Sasha will take your mind off your loss. She's also a beauty. You do manage to find the gorgeous ones!

I'm so sorry to learn about your best friend and her husband. No words can possibly be adequate here, so I'll simply say I understand the pain you're going through very well.