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PJ Special Request #6

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Thank you, Linda. Actually, I figured they were I didn't really look up the definition. However, I still don't see the crosses...and my only excuse could be that I also have to see an optometrist. LOL


Oh by the way "naughts" are zeros. I see 4 crosses around the center circle...


Linda, I just found this!
Re: From the bottom of my heart

Posted by R. Berg on January 13, 2001

In Reply to: From the bottom of my heart posted by Melissa Marchese on January 10, 2001

: What is the meaning and origin of the phrase "From the bottom of my heart"? Why is it the BOTTOM of the heart? Does anyone know?

The meaning is "with sincere and deep feeling." Two ideas on the origin, both intuitive rather than scholarly: People often feel emotion in their chests, specifically in a place that's about where the bottom of the heart is. When thinking of the heart as the seat of emotion, people may conceive of it as a (metaphorical) container that fills up with feeling, so that "from the bottom" means the heart is filled through-and-through with love or gratitude or whatever, not just partly filled. (Think of the bottom of the inside of the heart, not the bottom of the outer surface.) The opposite kind of imagery appears in "off the top of my head," meaning that an idea is superficial."


Linda, I've been seriously thinking about having a "PJ Special Request Day" because this morning she has picked out a lot of old puzzles of mine that I had never posted in a small size before. There are so many now, that in order to please her and others like you, I'm thinking about doing it. And if you and other can't do all of them in a day, at least you could bookmark them for another day.

I'm very impressed if your 3 year old granddaughter can solve the puzzles...and even more so that she is sometimes faster than you. Maybe she could start creating her own puzzles. ;-)

Ohhh, I never thought about that- why is the bottom of the heart better than the top of the heart? Your question is a great one!


I love this size because I am recovering from surgery in a nursing home and I am using a lap top with a small screen. Also it is just the right size for my 3 year old granddaughter to do. (She is faster than me sometimes!) Thanks from the bottoem of my heart. (From the top too. I am not sure why the botom is considered better than the other parts...) :)


Katie, I missed your comment! PJ has spent part of this morning picking out OLD puzzles that she'd like to see in smaller sizes, so I have loads to pick from. Eventually I'll be able to post all of them but I still need room each day to post a few large ones for people who like those. And as you probably know, more people like the large ones than the small ones.


Mandy, thank you, dear. I really like this one too. :-)
I don't know what the heck noughts are, so under the circumstances, I don't know which are which either. Furthermore, I don't see any crosses.
hmmmm. Have you seen an optometrist lately?


This one is ever so much fun Wendy! My heart felt thanks to PJ for liking and requesting the smaller sizes - I'm a big fan of them too. It allows time for more puzzles.


Wendy, I really like this one... its still bookmarked from yesterday, but in the larger size, which I do hope to solve one day, but I love it in this size too!!! All I need to do is to work out which are the noughts and which are the crosses!!! Great fun, thanks.