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Fractal Dimensions --- Not Your Everyday Panfractalic and It's Blue .....

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Well now you've done it I'm off to Swamp Hen and Face Goo.... See you over there.... :) :)


One might think that on all counts, L.... :-))). While Thelma and Louise were on an adventure, you missed my Purple Swamphen stamp. I couldn't believe I actually found one!! Then I had to facegoo it, of course. I hope you both are doing well, dear ones!


Well, Good Buddy, one would think you might just be really, really fond of Royal blue.... And quite possibly like fractals, color and spiraling planets... Knowing you enjoyed this is my reward.... Happy Valentine's Day to you and Jim.... What a lovely Day for extra hugs.... {{{Hugs}}}..... 'L' :) :)


Ohhhhh.... YES!!! Truly, royal Royal Blue, a study in primary colors, a Mandelbrot planet, all happily! spiralling to infinity. Love it, L, just love it, dear one! Hugs!


Thank you, Patti... Pleased you liked it.... :) :)

Thank you, Rosie... For the clever compliment... I think you may be right.... Freezing... The top of the butterfly sphere looks like the freeze has already started.... :) :)

Now you tell me, PG... I was under the impression I hadn't found the right mix yet....
" I will not take what is in the scribes medicine chest because the labels lie".
" I will not take what is in the scribes medicine chest because the labels lie".
" I will not take what is in the scribes medicine chest because the labels lie".
Wow... It worked.... I'm Clairtin­® Clear..... :) :)

Not to worry, Whattie... The frame is double strength stainless steel... Reinforced with blue Zirconium... Insured by Lloyds of London... :) :)

Thanks, Snooker... Lots of primary... And a few secondaries... :) :)

And red and green and yellow - primary colors for sure. Great center with the flutterbies.


Oh-oh, your beautiful orb is exploding!!! It hope it doesn't damage the wonderful frame, SMor.


This problem will go away as soon as the drug induced effect dissipates. Now repeat after me Sally, " I will not take what is in the scribes medicine chest because the labels lie". Remember those simple words and you will be surprised how quickly clarity returns.


Interesting fractal kaliedo with the bits falling away. I wouldn't bake this one--it begs for freezing at -500 for 28 hours and 11 minutes and then displayed for 44 hours and 21 minutes for the appropriate appreciation.


Very nice, Sally! Thank you!


Firstly, take some Pepto-Bismol ... If you didn't bake it at the right temp for the right amount of time, of course, it would give you fractal don't-mentions. It needs to be baked at 500° for 11 hrs and 33 mins... Then you only need Tums..... :) :)


Thanks, mate.... Got to go in there and have a play once in awhile... Mostly they find the recycle bin... You dear friend have an artistic knack for fractals... and flowers, and hand made kaleidos.... And of course your trademark elegance.... Pleased you enjoyed my fragmented Easter egg.... :) :)


Thank you, Rob... And you are very welcome... Shirley and Jill are the fractal experts... I play around once in awhile, trying to come up with a different slant/view.... Glad you like the fragments flying off.... Hope you survived all the rain and flooding.... It was a difficult time for many.... :) :)


What a coincidence, Sally. I did not have panfractalic today! No, I put it in a casserole and baked it instead. And I am now suffering with fractal don't-mentions.


Very fine Mandelbrot Fractus you have here Ms Sally, love the extra creative work too, reminds me of a lovely peppermint Easter Egg, very pretty sally, Thank you. :):)


I love the way this fragments into lots of interesting bits Sally - ta muchly!!