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My volunteer onion patch. The tomato volunteered last year and overwintered.

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Hee hee....


David, David. . . .tsk


If they're Moody onions in Texas, there must be some Burr onions way east of you in Alabama or somewheres...


Well said Tex.


Oh, nae, Robbie. In Texas we say "moody" onions. We'd never think of hijacking the name, even though they probably do grow and taste better in Texas. Not so much beauty here to distract the growers, you know.


Hey hey hey everybody, my ears were ringing. Yes I need feeding, I certainly am in danger of wasting away, I tell that to Jenny all the time. I like your volunteers ppm, good in soups and pastas. Makes my 2lb onion look so puny!! Tex and her mates stole all our Bermuda onions and left us starving and they even have the nerve to call them Bermuda onions still. They were not satisfied with that so they named a town Bermuda in Texas just to leave us hanging in the triangle on our own. Oh well, at least I will be fed now, thanks for your help!!


Do like the "volonteer" idea!! - and the onion, and to feed Robbie! Thanks so much Varda!!


Good idea, lelabugs - - he is really in danger of wasting away if he doesn't get some food soon.


Maybe we should start a collection.....FEED POOR ROBBIE!.........


Volunteers do better than purchased ones because in spite of their efforts, Mother Nature knows more than all of our hybridizers. Thanks for sharing!


He's welcome to gather all he wants.


You guys will want to save some of these for poor Robbie. His looked so puny!!!


It's not hard to keep them under control, but they go to seed before they make scallions, so I don't really get any scallions! I like volunteers - - they often do better for me than planted varieties, especially tomatoes!


Hi, plumpy. I have one of those, too--volunteer patch, that is. Mine 'volunteered' from somewhere--windblown seed, perhaps?--about six or so years ago. The 'patch' is now about 25 sq.ft. & growing. Plus several small 'volunteer' patches. But I don't complain; I love 'em as scallions. And I just cut them down when I mow. Only problem when mowing is you almost need a gas mask because the fumes are so strong---TRUE!! Hawhawhaw. If you don't want them to spread better dig/pull them out before they bloom! Good luck...........