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Primary Colors

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112 solves
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Nope, Kathy's gone for the night. We all missed her, just barely. Gwen, thanks for giving Kathy great instructions. I think it's just you and me, Kirsten. And Deborah. As an aside, just because my profile says I'm online, it's not necessarily accurate. I sign on, and then I have to get up every so often to take a break. Sometimes, I'm offline for a couple of hours even though it shows I'm online. But it does mean that I haven't signed off for the evening and I'll be returning.


I love this one Gail!!! Such perfectly clear colours, and gorgeous textures!! Just like you always give us. Thanks so much. :)))


No, no! She's here Kathy! Come back!!!!!


Thanks Chailie!!! I just checked, like you mentioned, and I think I missed her :-(


Hi Kathy. If you click on the blue "octomon" just above the COMMENTS word, you will get her profile and it tells you if a person is online. Gwen


Hey, are you still on line? I was about to go to bed and thought I would just check in. Kathy