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Freddy's snow wellies

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This is quite strange. Twice I have written a description of this photo and twice it has disappeared!
Anyway, I have to break off his snowballs ( no pun intended!) every so often, then when we get home there is a wrestling match involving 3-4 buckets of warm water, numerous towels and a wriggling dog!!


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I could hardly solve the puzzle I was laughing so hard. My goodness, Hester! What FUN (snorting) that would be! LOL


Fabulously fun - but boy does it sound like a full time job to keep him spick and span!! Thanks Hester!!


Hester, at least his wellies were intact and facing forward so I got to marvel at them.


Hester, now I realize why I have cats instead of dogs ~ they're so much easier to take care of!


The image of Freddy bouncing around like Tigger makes me laugh!


Pat, thanks, and thanks for popping by!

Francine and chickiemama, they look worse than they are!

Katie, he LOVES it! He eats it, rolls in it and bounces through it like Tigger!

Oh, Wendy, I feel so bad! I know how difficult it is for you to solve and the ungrateful cur looked the wrong way! My bad! :( but, trust me , he has his happy face on!


Ohhhhh, Hester, I solved this HUGE 20 piece puzzle just so that I could see Freddy's facial expression, but alas, I do believe that that's the back of his head. LOL


Wow! It does look like he's enjoying all the snow though.


Oh man! I bet it takes awhile for those to melt off.


Freddy's fur full of little snowballs! Makes for a cute photo. Thanks, Hester.


Ardy, as they say, with pleasure comes pain. The only thing is, I get the pain!! LOL


Oh, Freddy. You know what has to happen next if you have any hopes of getting back inside. All that snow and slush and cold, Hester, I'm so sorry for all of you with this problem. No one ever thought of Dreaming of a White Easter. Thanks for sharing Freddy in all his wellies.


This was before the wrestling match, oops, grooming session, Michelle! ;-))


Oh, Freddy!! Did mama brush you out like she threatened to do? Was this your comment on same, dear boy?

He looks adorable that fashion statement!


Love it ..Thanks