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The George Hotel, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. Photo by Catherine Edwards

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Hi anther, I'm glad you can pop over when you can and enjoy the puzzles. This is a great building which people have liked. Thank you, I look forward to seeing you here again soon...Sue


Well everyone has just about covered it - a lovely place to stay a while and relax. Thanks Sue for giving us a tour around the countryside even if we don't all get time to do each puzzle.


Thanks you cindy, it's a lovely building with a lot of history...Sue


very healthy hanging baskets of flowers - someone takes good care of them - what a lovely place to spend some time - thanks!


You are welcome 48. Cambridge is a very interesting and historic county. We seem to be learning a lot of history on Jigidi, I like that, it makes it much more interesting. I'm just pondering as to where we can all go today. Thanks...Sue


hello Sue - sure enjoyed the tour of Cambridgeshire today - some very pretty locations and buildings, and quite a long history as well. I like the courtyard of the hotel especially, but also enjoyed the cottages and the inn. The Buckden Towers is an impressive structure isn't it? Wow!
Thanks for a wonderful time!


Kari I'd enjoy a coffee with you in the lovely setting. I feel like Spring is just around the corner but must speak too soon.

That's an interesting piece of history waxwing. I didn't know this pub was connect to Cromwell's family. I knew he was from these parts and a gentleman farmer. I wonder what our history would be if he hadn't got rid of Charles I. Thank you...Sue


Just found this:

"The historic George Hotel was once the home of Oliver Cromwell's grandfather. It was first recorded in the reign of Henry VIII, and in about 1550 it became the property of a brewer called Henry Cromwell, whose son is buried in the neighbouring churchyard and whose grandson Oliver was a gentleman farmer in the neighbourhood, until a higher destiny called. There is even a tradition that the Protector was actually born in the inn. The Cromwell's were a prominent local land-owning family and Oliver Cromwell was born here in Huntingdon."


I love this building - it looks very old, Sue. I can just imagine a solitary horseman late at night, clattering into the courtyard for a night's rest!

Yes... I could sit here with a cup of coffee or a drink basking in the spring sun. They must have a pretty healthy budget for that lovely flower arrangement. Thanks Sue! :-))


Glad you all enjoyed this charming pub and courtyard. I think it would be a very nice place to stay and enjoy what it has to offer.
3151ctp this is the sort of place that wouldn't change over time and I'm glad it brought back some good old memories.
Thanks everyone...Sue


Looks like a very nice place to stay for a night or 2 and have meals in this wonderful courtyard!! Thanks Sue!! :)))
(time, 7:26)


A charming hotel sue. Flowers are lovely, its looks like a really nice place to stay. Thanks sue I love it:-)


I spent my teens in Cambridge in the 50s and a bike ride to the George was a good Sunday outing. Thank you for stirring the old memory!


Thank you azwana, it is a beautiful picture...Sue



Isn't this a lovely courtyard, great place to relax with a drink on a warm day. Thanks Mahree...Sue


Nice! Wish I were there.