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Goofie: Open the door P.L.E.A.S.E.....!!!!

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.....Rain means nothing to me.....


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I only sometimes can soo!☺♥☺ Thanks for the compliment♥

Rebecca if it really pours he will do that too....but in general he does complaint if he's called back in from the rain!☺☺☺

Thanks LadyLouise he knows how to wrap me around his little paws.....☺

☺Thanks Roseheather : )

Ja wat dacht jij dan schutkleur....ik word al genoeg door hem gemanipuleerd !☺☺
Dank je♥

☺thanks tisketsmum *blush* :))

Don't encourage him please cbmuller....I'd like to think I have some control left!☺

Thank you Lynetteoz....and....of course I gave in!☺ :)

It's very hard catslave, but -out of love and for his own good- I sometimes do have to deny a plea....but I tell's not easy when you're getting looks like this ...☺


Who could resist such a handsome, earnest plea?? Poor Impie, what you must endure... ☺


Love this photo of Goofie. He looks so beautiful and earnest about going outside :-)


Hi Goofie! I'd think by now you would have learned to open the door yourself! Did you see the video of the black cat that has learned to open the doors on his house?? Lots of people have really enjoyed his antics!


There's no mistaking the look on that face .... P.L.E.A.S.E. mum :)))
He is such a good looking boy and every photo says so.


Is't waar Goffie? Laat ze je smeken? Wie zou zo'n koppie nou kunnen weerstaan?☺♥☺

Schattige foto Impie!


Aw, sweet face on a sweet kitty. No wonder every heart's desire is met. : )


hi handsome, mum will be right there. I said please
.really nice picture of the boy .


At least he's not like most cats, pleading over & over, only to turn away in disgust when he smells & hears rain, only to ask again 5 minutes later!


How could anyone refuse a plea like that? Gorgeous photo Impie ☺♥☺