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Nine New Moons (Smaller)

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Thanks, Rosie--but you won't have to miss me totally! I have a number of puzzles all set up and ready to post, so there should be a new puzzle every day, I think, although probably not in both profiles. With the new Jigidi format, I can get them all cut and titled and queued up, and then I can post them from any computer that lets me access Jigidi, even my iPhone! :-))) We're going to Gloucester, MA! Which is where we try to go at least twice a year--our motel is right on the Atlantic Ocean sands, and our dogs love it--they're allowed on the beach in the spring and fall, because it isn't open for swimming at those times.


Hope you have a wonderful time, where ever you are going. Will miss having 4 of yours to solve every day but will enjoy yours all the more when you return. Wondered why only 2 yesterday and one today but now understand from the comments below. Enjoy some sun and warmth for the rest of us.


Thanks, Jan, PJ, and Ardy--when you called it Mr. Cranky, were you referring to its temperament, or to the way I have to charge it?! LOL! I'll take pictures, but I will rely on Bob for ones that can be posed--unlike every single other member of my family, I am not a good photographer. They always claim that their vacation photos could be postcards--and they really could! Mine , on the other hand, are the ones you wished you didn't have to pay for, back when you actually took a roll of film to be developed.....! :-)))


Pat, I do wish you a safe and restful trip. Enjoy it for me too. I'll be thinking about it and reliving sights in my mind. Thanks for one puzzle today. Very different and unusual moons. I did find a fly on your other profile. I'll add it to your list. Please take some pictures to post when you get back.


Pat - so fun, great idea. Wish you all the best,


A wonderfully unusual and creative goodbye puzzle! How long will you be gone?
We will miss you, especially if you DON'T take "Mr. Cranky!" (the laptop). Thanks for a fun one.


We leave tomorrow morning. And I do have some puzzles queued up to post, which I can do from this iPad, so I won't be totally away even then, though I can't solve on it. I may take the laptop, if it works--it's very old and temperamental, sort of like me......

Thanks so much, Katie, Barb, and Lela! Love the alliteration--did you see Mandy's puzzle with it, too? I'll tell you what I told her, for the m's as a thank you: merci!


Are you not away yet?.........(well, obviously not!)............


Fun putting this together, Pat, thanks. :-)


Marvelous montage of many mosaic moons! Thanks for the fun Pat!