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Trouble is Back

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She's back and giving me all sorts of problems. Taken Wed, April 24, 2013 in my back yard.


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What a rascal! Must be very frustrating though. Now I have a cat, I don't have any come to my garden.


That's frustrating, isn't it!! Nice picture, though, LJ.


No laughing allowed, Mimi!


What a super picture Laura. I had to laugh at all your funny troubles, I apologize!


Robyn, Yes, I have already accepted the fact that I have lots of Trouble. Thanks!
Dondi, I can believe they can hang from a concrete block. They are just impossible! Thank you!
Rebecca, that is not what I wanted to hear. Sigh. I hope NASA learns something, like how to successfully eradicate squirrels from your back yard. Thanks!
Octomom, Ewwwww, is right! Thank you!


Yeah, one of my brothers got a rotating feeder. He sent the family a video of it spinning a squirrel.


Great photo, Laura. The only thing I get in my hummingbird feeder are ants, lots of them. When I cleaned it out the other day, I could hardly get in my house fast and to the sink to keep them from crawling up my arms. Ewwwww......


I understand that NASA is studying how squirrels can spend so much time upside down and not get dizzy or nauseaus, hoping they can apply it to astronauts!

Look out that Trouble doesn't do what one of my squirrels did with a feeder like yours - not being able to get the seed, she got it unhooked and was dragging the whole thing away! I had it on a wire that was 36" long, and by using her tail as well as back feet, was able to hang on to the vinyl coated wire long enough, and stretch down that far, to unhook it. We can definitely learn perseverence from squirrels!


That sounds like great entertainment, Warbler - I'd crack up watching that happen!


For my birthday, my neighbor got me one of those hanging feeders that, when a squirrel gets on the perch base, it(the base) spins very fast. They hold on going around and around until they fling off. They can hardly walk without falling down for awhile. After a few time of this, they leave the feeder alone. It actually works.


It is indeed a good photo - and it illustrates one of the unusual features of squirrels; they can turn their back feet around and then hang from them. It was amusing that the article on squirrels in Wikipedia made that claim, and somebody added [citation needed]. So somebody else just posted a picture like this (actually of a squirrel upside down on a concrete block wall) hanging from its back feet.


Looks like you're going to have to put up with her Laura!! It's a great photo though!!


She is a brazen imp. I don't want her to chew on my house! Yes, it seems there are those who are happy to see pictures of her. Well, if the truth be known, I gave her a peanut the other day. She ran off with her bury it somewhere in my garden, no doubt.


I'm so glad she is back always love the pictures you posted of her...


Whenever I see her, I think of you, snooker. You liked the original pictures I posted of her last year.

Oh Lyndee, please don't tell me that! Oh no!

Good to see her again even if she is living up to her name.


LOL Laura. I had one try try to climb up my window to get to mine the other day! First time I've had a problem.


Good word to describe her, morris...rascal.


Great shot of the little rascal, Laura!


And it keeps her fat, too! :o)


She is pretty, even if she is a stinker. ; ) All that rich seed keeps her coat looking healthy.


Oh no! I have hummingbird feeders and hope my squirrels don't get any ideas.

I don't think I will shoot these guys, Gene. I guess I have to live with them and the trouble they cause.

No boundries whatsoever, Suzy. Sigh.

Yes, wolfie, they most certainly are.


Squirrels gotta eat too! All God's creatures... !


They have no boundaries! (She is cute tho)


Nothing you can do about these little rascals unless you wish to shoot them :-(((((


When we still lived in corpus Christ, I had a hummingbird feeder that kept being emptied every day....I knew I didn't have that many hummingbirds and thought it had a leak. Then I saw a squirrel hang upside down from the trunk of the tree, grab the feeder with it's front paws, and proceed to turn it up and drink it empty. I figured if it went to that much trouble, I would keep the feeder full and he was welcome to imbibe............


This is a girl squirrel and she is a pain in the neck. Thanks chickie, Gladstone and carthill.


Cyril the squirrel.


He knows where there is good food.


Yep, Trouble is the perfect name.