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Very Cool Circles

49 pieces
157 solves
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OK, this is now a test. I'm changing the title from "Very Cool Pool Balls" to "Very Cool Circles" to see if the title makes a difference. Apparently, pool balls are not all that exciting.


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Marvelous Mandy Mentions More aMazing reMarks. :-)


Collectively Colourful and Concentric Cool Circles - Cheers!! :~)


Ah hah! roerick3, so I gather that you read the comments on puzzles but refrain from reading the titles. ;-)
I did create a few puzzles with no title....well....essentially no title. So these are now dedicated to you. :-)



Thank you for your input and I hope you continue to enjoy solving puzzles. :-)


I've only been on Jigidi for a few months now and find myself going for any puzzle that is a klaido with lots of colors and animal snaps because I love animals of all kinds. I never look at titles and couldn't even tell you one title but can remember lots of the puzzles I've done and try to explain all of the great patterns people come up with on here. So, to solve the problem, don't put on any titles and keep making the great patterns with lots of colors and different ways of doing the puzzles and see if people continue to solve them. I bet they will!!!


PJ, in the past, especially when I first started creating puzzles, I really noticed that titles make a difference. I remember when I posted some Sushi puzzles which were very cool, but because a lot of people don't like sushi, there were definitely fewer solves than normal. When I first called these pool balls, I thought to myself that it wasn't a good name. And sure enough, it got off to a 'rough' start. My other two, one of 49 and one of 42 pieces, posted at the same time got many more solves right off the bat this morning (yesterday now). I attribute that to the title. So even though you and tootie don't look at the titles, I know that others do. I know that I used to, and once in awhile, I title would disturb me.


Wendy - I like the puzzle, and I think it is cool, unusual - and fun.
I barely glanced at the title and went for the puzzle, drawn to it by visual interest. Yes, I agree with Tootierasmussen 'Looks is everything'. A cathcy title is fine - but if the puzzle does not catch me, I don't solve it. But we know catchy phrases works - just look at PR...


OK, 44 minutes later it has 43 solves. The most solves always come immediately after a puzzle is to my way of thinking, changing the title made a difference because there should have been more than 22 solves in the very beginning.


Ohhhh, tootie, the title can DEFINITELY make a difference. A lot of people do look at the title. In the past I've sometimes made a title that I thought would be detrimental....and it was. And then I would wish that I hadn't called it what I did. Anyway, we'll see what happens....and then if you're right, I'll admit that you're right. ;-)
When I changed the title, it had been posted 22 minutes earlier with 22 solves. I'll see how many solves it has after 44 minutes.
I'm calling it a test only because I want to remember that I changed the title.


Do people solve puzzles by the name? I never even look at the name - if I do it is after the puzzle is solved. Very interesting comment about the title. Looks is everything - not the title.