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For Mimi and Hanne. The beauty and fun of snow.

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Neighbours did a good job yesterday. The last snowman in the street was 3 years ago. But yesterday was a beautiful day to play outside. And look, isn't he beautiful?


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Thanks Hanne, I knew it would be OK with you. I thought it was funny.


Steal whatever you will, you are SO welcome, Ank!!


Thanks Mimi Cathy Shirley Pat and Suzy. Yes it's great we can rebuild Charley so quickly, with warm hands. lol. Pat we did not have a carrot but I found a little stick and we could use that for his nose. I like the idea of the hair, it is not usual. And it was a very nice day to be outside. Mimi you still have the puzzle, so you can see Charley as often as you want.


A fine day to play!!! :)

He looks different from American and Canadian snowmen. No carrot nose and he has hair. Just great!


Oh I'm late, and I read Charley's already lost his head, well i just rebuilt him, it took me 44 seconds, and my hands are not cold either, thanks jigidi. Thank you Ank.


Thank you Ank. I'm glad your neighbours know that we all love their snowman.
Thank you Trudy! Yes, I am a Canadian and I have lived in North Vancouver for many many years.


Poor headless Charley, O well, I guess it was inevitable! Anyway I'm so glad to have had him for awhile! Thanks again!


Hi Trudy we crossed, yes that is a nice thought, yes best read my answer to Cathy. And yes she is from Vancouver.


Hi Mimi and Cathy. I'm glad you like him so much. Mimi you wrote at your puzzle, friends in the snow, please make photos, and then I saw that family making this. I thought, that's for Mimi. Hanne is posting a series "the beauty of snow", I stole her title. Charley is a lovely name for him. But today we had very much sun, and what happend? His head is gone. Just melted. Pity, he was so beautiful. They say it will snow again tomorrow, maybe the rebuild him. I hope so. Cathy I made the photos when they were still busy with it and told them about Jigidi, so they know that a lot of people will enjoy the photo. I did mail the photos to them and also this puzzle. Girls I'm really very glad you like it so much. Have a nice day.


cevas, what a lovely thought. And you are from Vancouver, Canada, are you not?


Thank you Ank. What a wonderful snowman!! You should print out this page and give it to that family. Maybe it will surprise them to know that people all over the world are enjoying their snowman.


Oh Ank, he's wonderful! Thank you! My very first snowman, Hanne and I shall enjoy him together. You are so much fun and such a thoughtful friend! I just love him! I think his name is Charley, what do you think?


Hi girls, lovely is it, they had fun doing it and he is perfectly finished. Hanne, do you see that I stole your title?Ardy I think you are right, she was not afraid at all. Bowwow, go away.
Jana I'm sorry for you, tell me when you need my shovel help.


What a great snowman and puzzle. Thanks Ank.


Beautiful .... and I bet they had a lot of fun doing it too...


He is PERFECT, Ank, thanks so VERY much!!


Ank Hij is prachtig deze sneeuwman


He is a grand snowman. I hope Micky learns not to be scared of it.


That's a good size snowman from that small amount of snow. Love the hair and the hat. Micky was just defending the neighborhood from this stranger, Ank. Thanks for posting.


Hi Ank, no new snow, freezing, morning was - 10 C, today is cloudy and should be of great masses of snow today and tomorrow, so we'll see, the shovel is waiting :-))) Small Micky knows not a snowman and a little scared, big hug for M. :-)))


A good looking snowman Ank, makes me smile:-)) Thank you


No Micky has not helped. She's a little scared. She has barked against it very hard this morning. It's a beauty. Do you have new snow?


Good morning Ank, very beautiful work, Micky definitely helped a lot. Thank you for the beautiful picture, enjoy a beautiful day :-)))


Good evening Chook. No shovel to day, just a little frost -2.5 at 9:45 AM. The sun is trying to come, I hope he will make it. Only there is very much wind today and that will be worse. That wind makes it very cold. So today I best stay in. Maybe a small walk. I agree it's a happy looking snowman, just like the family who made it. I hope you have a good sleep, see you in your morning.


Now he is one good looking snowman - and such a happy looking one at that! Thanks Ank, we now change places again - I hope you have a shovel free day. Hugs.