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"...and I think to myself...

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Thank you, Oddio. (I can hear the traffic on the state highway out the front door, -- and this is out the back! I got both worlds here!)


Beautiful scene. And you caught it just at the right time, Patti.

(I can go outside and hear the traffic on the interstate.)


Thank you, Yellowgal. :) How precious about your grandson! During the day I don't hear the river, but often in the evening when I go outside to let the dog out I can hear it trickling. :)

Love how the tree looks blue in this photo, with the river all silver, how beautiful ! Can you hear the river from your home? The song fits perfectly for sure; my 6 yr. old grandson has just learned to whistle "This is My Father's World" . . . . I thought of that, as well. thanks, Patti !!


Thank you, Morris and Robbie. :)


Another excellent photo PLG, thanks.


Beautiful, PLG!!!


Jacques -- I'm so sorry! I hope you feel better real soon!!! Thanks for stopping by and glad you like the puzzles, but take care of yourself now!!!

Katzmum -- Thank you! So glad you liked it. :)


The photo and the song are perfectly paired, love them both,thank you so much-a joy!!!


hi patti, love your puzzles, i hope can make them later, to sick right now, sorry


Suzy -- Thank you! It really does change every day, -- and even throughout the day. Life makes everything new, doesn't it?!

Snooker -- Thank you! That's so nice to hear. :)

Pat -- Thank you! So glad you liked this!

Ank -- So glad you enjoyed this!


Yes photo and song fit well. I listen now to the song. Both are great. Thanks.


A beautiful photo and a marvelous song--so fitting! Love this!

Best one yet of your river. :)


Your river changes each day-and each day it is beautiful. Add the sound of Louis to the picture, and you have come pretty close to perfection!


Thank you, Chickie! :)


Wow! What a beautiful photo and love the song too! Thanks PLG.


Quinn-- LOL! (Took me a minute to get it, but I got it!)

Potatomum-- Thank you! I love it!

TS -- Thank you!

Shirley-- just a touch! Thank you!

Sally-- We do forget sometimes, don't we? Thank you!

Muffin-- I LOVE snow people! Would your mom mind if I adopt you? So glad you love that song too. :)


My all-time favourite song, thanks Patti. Have you ever considered adopting a snowperson? I want to live at your house.


Thanks Patti.... We get busy and forget what a beautiful world this is.... Thanks for reminding us..... :) :)


Beautiful! with a touch of Autumn leaves showing through, Thanks Patti.


Quinn, you're a hoot! Thanks, PLG, nice jig.


"I see skies of blue, clouds of white, bright blessed days, dark sacred nights..."
For PLG1958:


If I could just get down, out of this tree. I'm gonna spank that kid so bad...


what a wonderful world!"