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Bradford Pear leaves.

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I just got back from town and the green leaves are already fading a bit and there are more leaves fallen. I might have to cut a new bunch for tomorrow.


They really look nice! Get some lacquer spray, we can sell these along with the rocks!


Hey chickie, I see you ran and left distant cousin 45 times removed for the pan!! Good thinking!


Good question morris. Don't have any lacquer spray on hand. If they fall off before tomorrow, I can just go out and cut some more.

Yep, turkey in the pan. ( :


Oh yeah, the Turkey is in the pan ?


Just a thought. Could you spray them with some kind of a lacquer tu make them last, chickie?


Not sure with the pear leaves chookies. There were 3 under the arrangement this morning. Sassafrass leaves last a long time.

Thank chookies, Celeste and Hanne.


A beautiful bouquet!! Thanks so very much Sandy!


What a cool idea with some branches.. Wonderful colors :)


How long will they last in the vase before the leaves start to drop, chickie? Makes for a perfect arrangement!!


Thank you punkie. Cheaper than flowers.


They make a beautiful bouquet.


Thank you Jack.


yeah, love it!


Thank you morris.


Looks very nice!!


Thank you morris. I was trying to take close-up pics of them and got the idea. Close-up didn't turn out. I have brought sassafras leaves in before.


Aren't you the creative one! Nice arrangement, chickie!


Interesting arrangement, and I like to bring them inside too. The Bradford Pear, as I've said before, is called a "trash tree", and is very short lived and just what Robbie said. They are beautiful in spring and fall, and are abundant around here. Probably because we don't get much ice. We do, however get a lot of wind, and the nurserymen here preach not to plant them.


Thank you so much Ank.


Well I don't know a thing about that Pears. I just know that I love their leaves and your puzzles.


Ya know roseheather, Cleveland Pear rings a bell. The tree I had in northern Illinois was a Bradford Pear and ice or snow knocked the top right out of it. I tried to look it up in my receipts, but couldn't find it. But I do remember going to the local nursery here and that is where I first learned of the Cleveland Pear.
Thank you for your comments roseheather and gemstone.


I had never heard of the Bradford Pear until someone mentioned it on a previous puzzle...guess there aren't too many in the "north". Interesting to read Robbie's research and I agree...beautiful foliage.


Robbiel and Chickiemama --

I just read Robbiel's post and the Bradford pear is not a good one for the northern parts of the US, however, there is another variety of the beautiful pear tree and it is the Cleveland Select.

My nephew put me wise to this one because it has been "engineered", so to speak, to withstand wind and weather better than the Brandford Pear. My nephew lives near Rochester, NY where there is usually a lot of snow and gusty winds. Our town, in the western Great Lakes area, is putting the Cleveland Select into our downtown area. Thought you might like this info too. ; )


Beautiful! Thank you.


Thank you snooker.


Thank you for your research Robbie. I appreciate all that I learn through you. I know what you are saying. The slightest amount of ice will knock out the middle. I will enjoy it as long as it survives. They are all over here and keep the show going when everything else has lost it's leaves in the Fall. I am happy for you to comment on my puzzles anytime you want.

Makes a lovely arrangement.


Hi chickie, I just spent the last 20 minutes reading about these trees again and most of it is negative. They do say that the fall leaves are spectacular, just as you are showing us today and the flowers are beautiful in the spring. However the average lifespan is about 15 years, up to 20 if you prune and use rope supports. They grow very fast and produce lots of foliage which in turn make them highly susceptible to wind damage and split the trees. I went on a bit, sorry, this is a gorgeous display, thanks.


These are all from the same tree.