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The Cutest Bear I Know

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302 solves
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YIKES, Ardy, that would be a gruesome looking bear! And as we all know, Growly is the best looking bear on the planet.

Hester, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-)

Pat, I've never been to the Guggenheim Museum so I had to check it out, and you're right!


It looks a little as if he got lost in the Guggenheim Museum...! :-)


"Mum, Mum...I can see our house from here! Oooh, getting a bit dizzy up here..."

Thanks Wendy, this is great fun!! :-)


Of course he is, no matter how you look at him.

Wendy, in the thumbnail this looks like a black head with two white eyes. I was surprised when the eyes turned out to be Growly. Thanks, Fun for all us kids at heart.


Oh, Laurajane, I thought you meant that he's the cutest bear...but now it just occurred to me that you might have meant that we're all kids at heart. Well, both are true enough. ;-)


Laurajane- It's actually feistyfreddy's bear. I stole him for the puzzle. LOL
I'm waiting to see if she notices. Here's a cute puzzle too, with Growly (that's his name) in it....


That's for sure, Wendy!


Note: Although I put this in the "For Kids" category, adults can solve it too...and my reasoning is that most of us are kids at heart.