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Happy St Patrick's Day kids

64 pieces
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I really enjoyed this puzzle. Thanks so much for sharing your time and talent.

To PuzzleMemories: I am so sorry to hear about the death of your brother. I will keep you in my thoughts, heart and prayers.


And Happy St. Patrick's day to you June!! Thanks so very much!!


Hi Shirlann, Joyce and Katie thank you. Glad you enjoyed it

Thanks for this smile-maker, June. I usually do the big kaleidos, but couldn't resist this one. St Pat's is an important day for me, not only because of my Scots-Irish ancestry, but also because it's the birthday of my beloved brother & best friend. He was a stellar person who spent his life helping others, and his sudden death in July 2011 was a huge tragedy I'm still dealing with. But I don't pay attention to the July date - I prefer to celebrate the day God brought him into the world. So of course I appreciate your help in doing that! :-) Happy St Pat's to you too!


This is such a cheerful group to celebrate St. Patrick! Thanks June!


Lots of fun to solve!! Great pictures, love the right bottom!!! Many thanks June!! :)))
(time, 3:08)


this made me smile ! happy St Patrick's day June.