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Rainbow Lorikeets on new feeder :))) At last!!

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Taken at 10am this morning - 1 1/2 hours ago - YEAH!!!They finally found it!

We had a total of 73mm - 3" of rain - yesterday & last night!!! It was FANTASTIC:)) For the previous 5 months we'd only had very short showers that didn't help the gardens and lawns - and now everything has had a good soaking.


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I know I'm VERY lucky that they visit flkatz:))))) They are here every day - and I never get sick of seeing them:)))) Next door started feeding them about 2 years ago - so they are used to us, and we can get quite close to them - about 3-4 metres!!!Thanks!!!


You really are lucky to see them nearly everyday, and I think "they've adopted yall." :))))


Shall do ikook - thanks :))


Keep us posted!


Thanks ikook - yes there are some new green shoots, but we will need follow-up rain!! Maybe this weekend - as showers are forecast!!


This is so good Robyn! And congrats on the rain, too! is the lawn changing to green yet?


Thanks Gail, Jana, Chrissie, Allie, Morris (LOL!! Thank you!!!))), Florrie ( And thanks to you :))), Ank, Barb, snooker, Dave & Patti!! Happy garden, happy birds and a great big HAPPY to all of you:)))) Thanks:))))




I knew they would find it. Now be prepered to fill the feeder alot! They will tell their friends.

It was only a matter of time for the birds and the rain. So glad you got both at last.


Congrats on the rain AND the birds, Rob :))) I'm happy for you for both!


Twice fantastic news. Love to see the Lorikeets and it's great to hear of all that rain. I'm happy for you.☺


i am doing the happy dance for you!!!


YAAYYYY!!!!!! they found the feeder!!!!


oh how wonderful Janet! Lucky you!! Hope to keep us posted on yr visitors ow that you have your very own feeder! thanks! x


If you build it, they will come... :-)

Seems that is true!

You are going to have a great time photographing your new guests and we will all enjoy them along with you. Thanks, Rob.


Thank you Rob for this wonderful photo and great news. Have a beautiful afternoon ☺☻ ♥hugs


Lucky you, Rob, for having these birds almost literally at your fingertips. And you did your happy rain dance and it paid off!


Thanks Shirley - they were so used to going next door I think!! There's plenty of birds to go around, so I'm really pleased they arrived:)))) I'm pleased you got some rain - but I bet you'd like lots more - it was really patchy!

Thanks flkatz - they never fail to amuse me and we're lucky to see them practically every day:)))


These birds are beautiful Rob! I love your feeder and am so glad they found it. Looks like it fits them perfectly...thanks for your patience and their feeder. :)))


Good to see they finally found your feeder, Rob, I knew it was only a matter of time, and nice to know you got some good rain at last, we ended up with 15mm after a shower over night.


LOL!! Thanks Beekay - I counted 9 there just a while ago:)))


Congratulations!!! They look like they are claiming ownership of the feeder LOL.


Thanks Nev. Maybe Marge can aim & zoom towards the gum tree:)))) That would be a real treat!!

Thanks Marian - they don't come much more colourful than the Lorikeets! They've been visiting next door's feeder for a couple of years, so we decided to put up our own feeder! and....I never tire of seeing them :)))) They visit every day.


Love these birds Rob...I miss the colours of the birds in they have found the new feeder you will see them very often. Lucky you.


Rob, I'm pleased the Lorikeets are now visiting you. Like yourself, we never tire of them either. We have a flowering Eucalypt tree about 50 metres from our home, and we can hear the constant chatter of these birds all day long. It is something we never weary of.


Thanks Floyd - yes, the rain was terrific...and I'm so pleased the birds have found us!!!!


Thank Goodness for the rain. Those bird are beautiful.
Thank you Rob for sharing.


Thanks Trudy - the rain was very welcome - but unfortunately some areas didn't do so well! The birds will benefit in the long-run too!!

Thanks Ami - we ended up with a really decent amount and everything got a good soaking!! Happy gardens equals happy birds:))))


You did it! Fantastic!


Robyn, I love your birds! That is so special -- thanks for sharing them with us.


I've been hoping you'd get rain soon, so I'm happy to hear that you got some. Let's hope there's more in the next few months! Great looking pic of your feathered visitors!


We complain about all the rain in Seattle, but when it doesn't come, we REALLY miss it, too. Here's hoping some of Brisbane's rain will fall on you, Janet.


Thanks Janet - here's hoping they'll tell their friends:)))
The rain really was terrific - last night we got heavier showers that soaked under the tree canopies so everything got a good drenching!!! I'm sorry to hear you missed out - Shirley only got 7mm too!! As usual - it was very patchy:((


Oh Rob, I'm so pleased you got the Lorikeets at last and I am SO envious of your rain. We got about 10 mls. SO disappointing. Not even half an inch. The garden loved it, but I doubt it helped the farmers much at all. I know some areas received a lot more, which also needed it very badly.
Well done for your pic! Hugs, Janet


Hi jacki2 - I live in Brisbane, Australia - which is about half way up the east coast of the country. The Lorikeets are native to Australia - and we see them every day in the garden, and still don't get sick of the sight of them :)))) Thanks!!!


these birds are gorgeous. would you mind sharing what area you are in? we have some colorful birds in washington state but nothing like these.


Yes Joanne - next door has been feeding them for a few years!! We decided to build a feeder - as there are about 30 to 40 Lorikeets, Crested Pigeons, Galahs, Crows, Kookaburras & Noisy Miners all crowding their feeder. It's been very dry here for months & feed has been scarce, so they have really appreciated the extra feed. We can get to within 2-3 metres from the birds as they are used to us!!
Yesterday we had 75mm - 3" - of rain, the first decent fall in about 5 months, so everyone is REALLY happy:))) Thanks!!


And these beauties are just your local wild birds and not something that has escaped from a exotic pet store?? They are so colourful. I will have to check out YouTube and see if there is recordings of their bird sounds. Thanks, Robyn.