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Busy day at the feeder.

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Carolina Wren, Goldfinch and Cardinals


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Thank you laura, warbler, Monica, robryan and tex.

You are very observant warbler. I didn't notice the tail around the back.

I feed them black oil sunflower seeds Monica. They all eat it, but I also have another feeder with only niger/thistle seed in it which the finches love.

Tex, sometimes it takes awhile for them to find the feeders. I am pretty sure you will get them if they are in your area.


Lyndee, I'm having the same problem, and this feeder, just like this is the one the squirrels tore up after I moved it. I have thistle, sunflower seeds and suet, up for about two weeks (Feb 17, I just looked it up), and no bird have I seen at all! The peanut butter suet looks like it's shrinking, but I think it's dehydrating or something, I've never seen anything eating it. Very disheartening, especially when I see pix like this! May Chickie & Laurajane are real life bird whisperers!


I like the one flying in top R corner chickie - great shot! Thanks.


Wow, your not kidding, just look at all those birds going nuts over the stuff inside it! What do you give them to eat exactly? Do they all eat the same stuff or do you have to buy several different kinds of birdseed for different species of birds?


Nice one Chickie. There are actually six birds here-you can just see the tail of one across from the wren. And you can see on the male goldfinch by the cardinal, he is just starting to get his black head feathers of his spring breeding plumage.


Great photo, chickie. I love the birds in flight!


That sounds like a good spot lyndee. Only finches like niger/thistle seed. I use black-oil sunflower seeds. I also have a finch feeder on the other side of the house and the finches like to eat at both feeders.


You read Lyndee's comment quite well, chickie! :)
Nijer and suet are a great place to start, lyndee.


Thanks Chickie. I do have mine next the an lilac bush and they do like the bush. I think my problem might be the fact that I only have the suet pak. Maybe need to get something with thistle or niger huh? I have my feeder hanging from my eave next to my window. It seem the best place to keep the squirrels from getting into it.


Thank you tex. Hang in there. They will come.

Thank you Suzy.

lyndee, so sorry. You might have to put out a bigger feeder. If you put it near some shrubs or bushes, they will feel safe because they can fly into the bushes if a hawk comes.




In flight! Great shot!


Love it! Still jealous, no birds for me yet.


Why thank you young man.

Thank you Robbie, morris and shirley.


Lovely picture, Thanks chickiemama.


Very nice!


What a busy place and excellent picture chickie, thanks.


Great pictures young lady. Between these and your barns you can have a great selling pictures.


Thank you JiggyBelle, Dottie, Ank, roseheather, Hanne and Tatinha.
I feed them Black Oil Sunflower Seed Dottie.
Yes Tatinha, they are here everyday. You have posted some beautiful birds also.


You're so lucky, Sandy! Do you see them everyday?


Hungry birds when it's cold!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Wonderful picture. I recognized the Carolina wren right away. ; )


Lovely, they are so busy. And I agree with Pat, I think the blue of the feeder is nice for them. And it makes the photo even more colorful.


Chickie, what do you feed your birds? (I'm sure you've told us before but I missed it). Looks like all the birds love whatever it is. Great bird photos! Thanks!


You get the best birds! Thanks, Chickie!


Thank you snooker, A3ana, jcarroll and gnt.


great photo chickie.......U do a good job


Nice one, chickie!


Lovely pcture whit de birds

Sure is busy. Think that blue on the feeder (as I said on another puzzle too) is so nice.