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Pink and Gold Trimmed Tea Set Kaleidoscope

36 pieces
134 solves
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Especially for you, Ardy. Enjoy!


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You are right, Kirsten. It works very nicely with some images. Thank you for your encouraging comment.


I think I detect a little added filter there Gail! One of my personal faves. It's gorgeous! Truly. Thanks very much. :)))


Thank you, Jan. The original tea set was so beautiful.


This is so delicate and lovely. I really love this one, Gail. You can even see some soft blues around the edges. Thanks so very much!
Yes, a mouse can be very helpful. I HATE to "finger" my way around my Mac. LOL


I'm glad you like this, Ardy. When I saw the tea set I thought of you immediately. I have bookmarked your other delft puzzles, too. I haven't had a lot of time on the computer and will be in Rochester 3 days this week. I hope we remember to take the mouse with the laptop this time. It's so much easier that way.


It's so very lovely, Gail. Thank you. I noticed this morning that you found my Delft. Glad you enjoyed it. This one here is very pleasing.