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Tapestry Picture - Floral - Purple Harebells

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I enjoyed stitching this tapestry of purple harebells. Another one I intend to frame and hang in the spare room (sometime)!


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You are very welcome, Nicco.

Take care. Warm hugs, Jason.


Thank you, Jason.


Ok, Nicco. Thank you for accepting my offer for prayers. You are already on my prayer list.

All the Best, Jason.


Thank you so much, Jason. You are very kind. Yes, please, I would very much appreciate your prayers. Best Wishes, Nicco.


I hope you are feeling much better, Niccolino.

May I add you to my prayer list? I would like to pray for your good health and well being and that you be fully and completely cured and healed.

I am more active @jasonchung2 where I draw, create and post my own "drawings" so I will not have any copyright issues as all the "drawings" are done by me.

You can see my puzzles by clicking on this blue wordings @jasonchung2


Thank you for the small puzzles. I'm sorry I've not been on jigidi for quite a while as I've not been well. I like the paintings your post.


Niccolino, I am so, so, so happy to hear from you.

Take good care of yourself.

Since 2 March 2017, I have been featuring Claude Monet's paintings and would like to dedicate one of his paintings to you. I will do a very small size puzzle for you so that it will be easier on your eyes.

Please visit my Profile Page and you will have an idea of what I like to post.


Thank you jasonchung. All good wishes to you too!


Take care Niccolino. All the best to you, too.


Thank you for your kind comment, jasonchung. My Best Wishes to You.


It has been lovingly stitched and it is a good idea to frame it up for all to enjoy at your home. Thank you Niccolino for sharing.