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Happy new year

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Thank you, Mimi. I most certainly feel the same way about you!


Delightful puzzle Jill, and I loved your sweet tribute to our wonderful Jigidi group. You have all brought much fun and creativity into my life and I am thankful for your friendship!


Each of you is one of my special jigidi friends! I appreciate your very nice comments and compliments very much. As I look at each name, I think of comments, humor, imaginative interpretations of my designs and hilarious puns, and especially your very creative and often vividly colored puzzles! I treasure what each of you has added to my life. I often marvel at how far apart we are on the globe but how closely we are united in our jigidi world! I wish eachmof you the bestmpossible new year, onemthat is full of good health, friendship, and joy! ((( Hugs )))


Thank you Jill, for the many wonderful puzzles you have created through 2012, I'm looking forward to all the 2013 creations to come, I wish nothing but the best of health and happiness for you and your's in 2013.

BTW this one is a beauty, Thanks Jill.


Hooley Dooley.....Numero 65 for 30 mins.!!!!!! Thanks Jill and a very Happy New Year to you and yours. Thanks for so much fun and I look forward to more in 2013.


What a wonderful firework of colours, Jill, a very happy New Year to you and your family and loved ones as well. I has been a pleasure meeting you and talking to you. Jigidi has been one of the best things that happened to me in 2012, let's see what 2013 will bring :)) I hope it will be much happiness and fun and especilly health for all of us. :))


Hooley Dooley, Numero Uno for 30 seconds... Mmm, is there an echo around here? :-))

Thank you, Jill for a cheery NY puzzle. We look forward to many more next year. Hugs, T


Beautiful puzzle, Jill. Happy New Year to you and your family.


Jill - wonderful puzzle, so fun. And happy new year to you - looking forward to many more of your fun and interesting puzzles next year! Wish you all the best.


Hooley Dooley.... Numero Uno for 30 seconds.... What a fun New Year's puzzle... Thank you, good buddy, for all your amazing and glorious puzzles this year.... Looking forward to lots more in 2013... Cheers and Hugs.... 'L'..... :) :)