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Christmas Cactus - 2

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I got down on the floor and took this photo looking up, as they bloom upside down. You have to look up from below to see the faces of the flowers. Taken Mon, Nov 18, 2013, Litchfield, IL.


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Thanks very much, Floyd, Mary and Mimi!




Good shot,I really like this angle.


Great angle to take a picture especially with the light from above. Thanks Laura.


Thanks, Dave. I will get up off the floor, eventually. I thought I'd clean some cobwebs, since I'm already down here.


It was well worth your effort, Laura!


Thanks, Madj! Nice to see you.

Ha, ha, Snooker! You are absolutely correct! I will do anything for a good shot...and it took me a while to get off the floor. Ugh!

Oh, man, it's a good thing no one was there to witness the sprawl out on the floor, Lorna!

Oh you do, do you, BK? Ha ha...I don't blame you!

Lyndee, I may have to resort to gluing the flowers onto their stems for Christmas.

Brie, I had some friends over for lunch yesterday and the guy said, hey why don't you get down on the floor and take a picture of them looking up? That's where I got the idea. Yes...getting down is not the problem. It's getting know. :-()


i would never have thought to take a pic of mine from that angle - it's really lovely

(if I did, i'd still be on the floor!)


Hope it's still blooming for you come Christmas.


Thank you for this view. It's the only way to see the flower properly isn't is!.. But I also echo what Lorna said :-))


It is a beautiful shot Laura. Pity no-one took a photo of you taking a photo of the plant....

You will do anything for a good shot. LOL Hope you didn't have any trouble getting back up. Great looking plant.


Lovely plant laurajane! And a nice angle for the shot. Looks like I am in good company this afternoon :))