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Who Knew???

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Ferris Wheel Day is held in honour of the American engineer and inventor George Ferris (born Feb 14, 1859). The Ferris Wheel was invented for the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, 1893 and was 80.4 metres high (264 ft) and intended to rival Paris' Eiffel Tower.


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Thanks Rosie, I so love hearing that :~)
I had a quiet VDay - and hope you enjoyed yours


Thanks for the series and keep them coming. I love sending them to family for their enjoyment and knowledge and their feedback is the same as mine--they love them. I do hope you had a happy Valentine's Day.


Thanks whatnauts, I had fun finding them all :~)


Thanks for another interesting puzzle, monza. I love all the different types of wheels you have included.


Thanks PJ, I'm pleased you like the frame, the yellow was an afterthought!


Mandy - wonderful, enjoyable, interesting, fun - and I just love the yellow and orange frame :-)))
Dual celebration is a nice treat - fine composition.


Katie, thanks for the encouraging feedback, it really cheers me on! It's our modem that's the problem. They've just sent a replacement, but it's no better than the last... the connection is very poor and keeps dropping. We shouldn't have changed provider!


Great puzzle Mandy! I'm enjoying this series of your thoroughly! Thank you ever so much for coming up with this fun idea where we are learning all kinds of interesting things. And, yikes! No Wi-Fi! Hopefully your ISP tech support people can help you get it back. (I put my ethernet cable right next to my gateway modem so if I ever need to reconnect I'll have it handy.)


Thanks Francine, I pleased you liked the clock setting too. Enjoy the dual celebrations today :~)


Thanks Michelle, I'm loving that people are loving this series! Happy Valentine's to you too !


Thanks Wendy, I thought it was the perfect day for it... actually if I had one locally, I'd have a gorgeous view from the top, as it's sunny and clear, but also very cold!


Pat, to you too, I've yet to see yours... no Wi-Fi since early morning.


Thanks Ardy I thought I'd avoid the obvious for today! I am amazed at the variety of Ferris Wheels I found! Happy Valentine's to you too.


Magda, you must eat! However, I know how you feel, Jigidi really is addictive. Thanks for leaving such an encouraging comment. :~)


Thanks Barb, I like the added challenge of incorporating the theme!


Happy Ferris Wheel Day, Mandy! Very clever incorporating this with this week's timepiece theme. Lovely and fun puzzle. Thanks. (3:22)
...Happy Valentine's Day too. :~))


This is an abfab puzzle, Mandy, I love it! Very clever and inventive...Happy Valentine's Day too!


Mandy, did you ever do a google search on ferris wheels? There are gorgeous images. Anyway, I LOVE your puzzle and this is the perfect day to celebrate ferris wheels. hehehe


Thanks Mandy and Happy Ferris Wheel Day and Happy Valentines Day too


Wonderful, Mandy. So the day is celebrate on his birthday. Amazing and creative puzzle. Love the Tinker Toy wheel. I do like this series. Thanks so much. Happy Valentines Day to you as well.


What an enjoyable way to learn. I was just going to make myself a Pizza, when I discovered your puzzle. Now I HAD to see what day it was. Frankly, this Puzzlemania is getting out of hand with me. But maybe I will lose some weight, if I have no time to cook and eat. LOL. And thanks a lot, you are surpassing yourself every day.


What a lovely ferris wheel you've created, Mandy, with the smaller images making one large wheel. And you put a clock in the middle to go along with this week's theme. Clever! Thanks for another wonderful Who Knew puzzle. I look forward to these puzzles everyday. :-)